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  • hello just how to do them i di a course wasnt happy didnt learn anything pppppllllllease help meeeeee xxx
    Just been looking through your pics and Omg. Wow ur work is truly breath taking, amazing. X
    hey have you had customers with allergic reaction on gelish,I think I have it,I never put it on my fingers I use it on my toes and everything is fine,but when I apllied it on my fingers soon I got blisters under the nail plate that bursted and now skin is peeling away,of course I removed Gelish but I am really sad because I think Gelish is great,should I give it one more try? What is your opinion,thank you....
    i watched your nails AGAIN and I have a wish...please,please adopt me so I can play with your NAIL ART THINGS....OH ME IN THE LAND OF GLITTER,SHELLS,STAMPS,BRUSHES....SPONGES....COLOURS,colours...:)))
    This gelish thing is so much fun long does it stay on nails in your experience 2 or 3 weeks? So just paint with acrylics and when it dries to put top it off? Great ,thanks for your help.I imagined you are older lady wearing glasses and a pony tail but then was surprised to see that you are a real fox! :)
    when you work with gelish do you paint nails with gelish colours or can they be painted with acrylic colours and one stroke technique?
    Your work is amazing,because of talented people ike you I started doing this hobby
    I was looking through the photos of your work. You are truly talented and your work is absolutely amazing.
    Hi there Im sorry to bother you, I read one of your replies in the forum regarding acrylic paints and thought I should just drop you a quick mes! Im a nail tech and I want to add the one stroke paint service in my studio. Im just a little stumped on how to chargeservice. Do I charge per color, per finger or have a set fee, HELP! Can you give me some advice on what to do, would be greatly appreciated.
    So you actually mix normal glitter into your acrylic powder or gel??? Lol u r a genius mind, I could only dream of having your talents! I'm finding it difficult just doing a lovely set of acrylics that last more than two weeks, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but obviously something sob sob sob ! I have been reading the tutorials so wil keep at it, I'm sure ill get it one day! Would the cost of the items I'm using effect the lastability??? Thank you xxxx
    Hi hun

    I am totally moved by your lovely package that arrived today :) I have been quite poorly this last couple of days but feel much better after rummaging into the box ;)

    You are truly amazing hun, thank you so, so much xxxxxxx
    Aww thanks hun it really means a lot that my Geek friends are so amazing :D I shall repay you I promise xxxx
    Hi hun

    I am still using Dream acrylics for my training - it all came to a bit of a stand still with the move.

    Can't beleive how bad things have ben this month - hopefully will look up a bit now as I have just been emailed telling me I won a £100 Ernest Jones gift voucher!

    How are you recouping after the comps xxxxxx
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