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  • No, still feel dreadful :sad: Hubby on his way home now thank goodness, so he can put the little man to bed and hopefully I can get a day in bed tomorrow!
    Hiya, just realised I had forgotten to thank you did lovely pic comments! So thank you very much, really kind of you :) xxxxx
    Hiya booooooo hoooooooooooooooo no I didn't I'm just useless when it comes to this I can put pics on a thread but no album yet lol x
    aww thankyou , that was the day I brought the little monkey home aged 7 weeks-ish .....he's 9 months now so alot bigger and alot naughtier lol
    Hi just popping in when I am feeling up to it. Not feeling to hot just now pain and lack of sleep isn't a good combination :(
    Hello me again lol if I put pics from a pc do I plug phone into pc upload pics then go on salon geek and then upload to album is that roughly how you do it.I'll go to my mums tomorrow and do it x
    Love your new avatar but Deano is going to miss 'Noodle'. :)

    We had some snow, yesterday. Not much but enough to let you know it was there. How is the weather, there?
    Very quiet...which was very nice! Thank you for asking. :)

    My family is actually celebrating on Saturday. One of my sisters works at Wal*Mart and they were open on Thanksgiving and she had to work yesterday and today.

    My BFF stopped by last night on her way home from her sister's and dropped off a boatload of leftovers. OMG...I have got to get back on my diet!

    Now, I'm just sitting here geeking and watching the local news. There are a bunch of crazies out on 'Black Friday' looking for great deals. There isn't enough money to get me to a store this morning. One lady was at Best Buy on MONDAY to get a TV for $200.

    Can you imagine camping out in front of a store for DAYS to save a few bucks? Plus, we had some major rain the other day. :eek:
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