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    Forgot to use primer on my acrylic nails!

    Welcome to Salon Geek. Please confirm you’re a qualified nail professional. Thanks.
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    Stamping help

    I always stamp using CND Vinylux, as the pigmentation is much better and more prominent. You can though use any highly pigmented polish, whether it’s MoYou, Creative Play, Vinylux etc. Hope that helps.
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    Just sending good wishes to all hairdressers opening tomorrow

    Yes good luck to all those returning to hairdressing today, and all those fortunate enough to to be having their hair fixed today own hairdresser has decided to wait a further two weeks before starting up again.
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    How to get clients to relax their hands?

    Curiously, the OP doesn’t appear to have returned to the site since posting this thread :rolleyes:
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    Emma polish

    I can’t say it’s a nail polish system I’ve heard of, is it a professional brand?
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    Thank you for JotForm

    It was @apierce if you want to give them a shout out ;)
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    Cleaning products
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    Please create a new thread in the Skin forum with your question.

    Please create a new thread in the Skin forum with your question.
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    Working from home/lash tech

    No date has yet been announced for beauticians and nail technicians to be able to return to work. Meantime, there are plenty of existing threads on the subject of PPE in our Business forum.
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    Going from blonde highlights to full head medium brown

    @Jungle and @ronray , as there are just two of you involved in this conversation, may I perhaps suggest you take this to Private Messages between you?
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    A July return!

    Ok, I had read about it somewhere online recently that’s all ;) Perhaps individual hairdressers will make up their own minds whether or not to offer blow drys?
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    A July return!

    That‘s probably correct because hairdressers are not allowed to blow dry clients’ hair either for the same reason, so that makes perfect sense.
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    Acrylic nails and gel polish issues, help

    Thank you for confirming. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give detailed instruction or information to those who are unqualified, but would highly recommend that following lockdown, you research and invest in some formal nail professional training. By teaching yourself, you will not only...
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    Acrylic nails and gel polish issues, help

    Welcome to Salon Geek. Have you had any formal training please, or are you just teaching yourself as a hobby? Thanks.
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    We have a date - July 6th!

    Wales has actually yet to set a specific date, with the next review to take place on 9th July