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CND Education Ambassador Cork, Female, from Cork, Ireland

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    1. Molly B
      Molly B
      Im not confident with basic waxing so definitly not up for advanced waxing yet! Would love to do a course with Kim she sounds amazing. I enquired if she came to Ireland but they did suggest going over. Flights are so cheap now it would be worth it. Have you tried vinulux yet? Do your clients like it? Im getting some on friday will love to see how it goes xxx
    2. Molly B
      Molly B
      Hi Noreen, How is your waxing going? Just came on your page to see how you were and got distracted by your album. They are super gorgeous nails you are so
    3. JenBella
      Our number is 01-4089191 and getting set up is really simple. We just need a copy of your certs, so you can email, post or fax/scan them to us, whichever is easiest for you. My email address is and you can get me there or by phone. You should come up for our big launch day on the 22nd April, it's going to be very exciting!
    4. JenBella
      Thank you! Do give us a call and we can get you all set up and send you out a catalogue! You will also be able to log into and see everything in euro prices. You can order online, over the phone or come in and see us! Just give me a call whenever you're ready to set up account x
    5. JenBella
      No I think there's a few non Dubs around! I'm a Dub though!
    6. JenBella
      No problem, saw you were in Ireland! Whereabouts are you based?
    7. Odee
      The french is rose blush on the beds except the middle one, which is a cnd one, i was comparing the cover and colour. Rose blush by nsi is lovely to work with and i do prefer the colour, the cnd one covers better.x
    8. Emily Case
      Emily Case
      You're right, I did :p
      Oopsie hehe. I kinda thought they might be wraps or something because the line is so neat. They're really lovely though and thanks for the reply, even if I forgot it was for me ;) xx
    9. Emily Case
      Emily Case
      You sent me a visitor message which I'm assuming was actually a reply to stonebear's post below. Whoops!! xx
    10. Emily Case
      Emily Case
      Thank you, Noreen! xx
    11. stonebear
      Hi Noreen

      You posted some pics on the Rock Star Nails thread - I love the two animal print ones and really want to have a go at copying them ;-) (if you dont mind) I'm a newbie to gel nails and have been practicing roakstar nails on gel which look good but would love to have a go at your pics! If you have the time to reply What did you use and what process?

      Thanks x
    12. georgie127
      Hi Noreen nice to meet a fellow irish geek come check out the irish geeks in the groups section theres quite a few of us there!
    13. marion
      Hi Noreen, what part of ireland are you in? Nice to see irish geeks on here
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