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    Is Kim Lawless training worth doing?

    This was back in 2015 so the wax i switched over to then was Perron Rigot. I've since changed both my technique and wax again , and Noodle is right, I now use the wax:one wax and their technique :)
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    Shellac problems all of a sudden

    A really busy nail salon will use 100 hours in 3 months , a busy nail salon will use 100 hours in 6 months, most sole traders will take 6-12 months to use 100 hours so it's highly unlikely that your bulbs have run out :) Couple of things you could check though are if the bulbs are clean...
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    Issues with Shellac lasting - help!

    Protein bond should not be used as part of a CND Shellac application. It’s not part of the system and to introduce products outside the system may cause service breakdown. Trinity is right, buffing the nails continuously will most certainly damage nails. CND Shellac base coat will adhere...
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    Issues with Shellac lasting - help!

    the 5 point polish method will work on any sized nails :) It sounds like your having problems with portion control and running out of polish before you’ve finished the nail You just need a bigger blob on product on the underside of your brush when painting
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    Issues with Shellac lasting - help!

    What do you mean by you had to go over some nails as they were quite big? :) Don’t worry little hiccups like these are normal, it’s not as easy as it looks and learning to apply shellac in a professional manner takes time and patience:) You will get there and everyone who has trained in...
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    Issues with Shellac lasting - help!

    Looking at your pictures i think you are overcapping your free edge :) Are you sealing that edge first? or do you do it last? sometimes we are so aware that need to cap the free edge that we put too much product there leaving a lip of product which will cause undercuring and lead to lifting...
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    Issues with Shellac lasting - help!

    Hi Blissed Beauty I’m a CND EA and i’d be happy to help, please be patient with us as the last few days have been hectic with a lot of travel for us as we prepare for our upcoming product launch ❤️ Have you got any pictures of the nails you’ve done? Post them here or PM me them if you like...
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    Hot wax help!

    Intimate waxing on a shaver can be tough alright :) The secret is loads of oil and small manageable patches, split the labia into 3 to 5 sections depending on how course the hair is. If the patches are snapping even though you've gone over them twice you patch may not be thick enough, a good...
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    Getting wax out of clothing?

    Is it strip wax or hot wax? Strip wax usually just washes out in a normal wash without having to do anything special to it. If it's hot wax, you can use some after wax oil to get rid of the stain and then some washing up liquid to get rid of the oil
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    Leg results gone back to beginning

    It sounds like over zealous exfoliation to me, if she is too rough it scratches the healthy skin and as the that skin heals it can cause micro scabs that will stop the hair from growing through. I would tell her to stop exfoliating for a week or two and see if that helps her, and also advise...
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    Hot wax becoming quite tacky help?

    Hey Lauren :) Wax can do this during hot summer months, It takes longer for the patches to set due to the extra heat and humidity Is your waxing room very hot? If so cooling it down a touch could help so if there is a window you could open between clients or leave open constantly that would...
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    Shellac re-do nail art

    dried flowers are bulky and it’s quite hard to seal them in at the edges of the nail near the side wall so I think she potentially had lifting there which she then caught :) I would remove and redo the nails with the dried flowers in them :)
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    Gloopy Shellac

    Yes it can affect the longevity of the service, you would be best to replace the bottle. If the necks of the bottles aren't been kept clean, or you are a slow painter then over time the solvents can evaporate and leave a gloopy solution as you've noticed :) When the solvent to gel ratio has...
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    Client asking for artwork I can’t replicate

    This is such a good topic!! I hear this ALL the time from students, clients bring in photos of "insta-manis" that have taken 7-8 hours to do by nail blogger, or very intricate one stroke nail art and expect it to be done in 10 mins for less than a fiver! Here's my take on in though: The...
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    $600 practice hand?

    wow that's eerily realistic , it's actually given me the shivers :) haha I don't think it's worth $600 though to be fair, It looks great but that's a crazy amount of money for a practice hand, and although it looks like it would be good to practice with, it looks like it could be awkward to...