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  • Thanks for the rep on such an old post. It's funny when you read them back as I always think "Did I say that!'. lol Thanks again. xx
    hey thanks for the Rep x its a shame some people still discriminate against others, but people will be people xx
    Hiya, so sorry for the delay but I've been too busy to come on here lately. Would you email me at instead and leave your mobile? It's easier for me that way. Thanks and huge hugs. Kim x
    Hi hun here is a link for the hooks I used to hang up my minx.
    Its not clear in the pic but the hooks are small and clear and can be removed without any mess or damage I also use the sticky tabs to put up posters.
    18 x Mini Hooks With 24 Command? Adhesive Strips Value Pack 225g for only £4.50
    It is recommended to be mixed with clear or pink as it is a really subtle one and can then be used on the nail rather than just the free edge. But they are your products and you can do what you prefer with them LOL - no right or wrong way. Hope you enjoy them!
    Thanks for the rep. Greatly appreciated. I think there is a lot of 'biased' geeks on here who seem to have slightly lost their minds!
    Hi, I used curved sissors to do my smile lines. I make sure that the minx isn't warm when I cut them. I then just cut each one the same to suit the nail.

    However, Gigi had a great idea by using the centre part of a form to get consistant smile lines.

    hth xxxxxx:green:
    hi im lisa, and u seem to know alot about nails, i need ur help if u dont mind...i have been having a problem with nails turning yellow with gel products. i use IBD and had never really had a problem until recently, i noticed abt 3 clients with really yellow nails, what gel wld u recommend? one client says she tans but has used gel before n her nails would never get yellow, i also tried pro-tec by le chat. any suggestions..pls help!
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