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  • Thanks for the rep point and now having visited your home page...good to meet you LOL :hug:
    Aw Hunni, sorry:hug: It gets easier, an at least he is no longer suffering, thats what I keep telling myself when I think about it. Thank you for the friend request. Take care:hug::hug:
    trying to get back into it really, i've lost my spark a little so trying to get motivated. Wait till i tell ya this i'll have to pm ya you're not gonna believe it!!
    Hi Debbie, I am doing fine thank you, very busy at long last :) And yeah I have been loosing weight since Xmas... we went to Florida and I was so unfit. Lost 51Ibs since coming back. :) So what have you been up to.... I don't ever see you on the site these days... you must be busy?
    The colours for the stilettos was mixed with the powders you see in the image .. the CND red, Black and some red glitter from the craft shop ... did these YEARS ago.
    You don't believe me eh?? Well I'll be happy to demonstrate to you anytime !! lol
    Thanks for your comments on my piccies. Where is your album so that I can see how and if you have improved?
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