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  • Hi I hope you dont mind me messaging you but im having some trouble with Orly GelFx and your nail pics are beautiful! Its peeling off after 3 or 4 days? Could it be the bulbs in the lamp? i use the primer on the tips and im curing for 30 seconds each coat, any tips? thank u xxx
    You are so welcome, took a look through your albums too there are so many lovely designs I did not know where to look first :D Have a great day, Rachel xx
    Hey there. Please don't think I'm stalking you:eek:, it's just that you do fabulous nails:Love::Love::Love:!!! I also loved the Prince Charming by Orly GelFx, your application is flawless.
    Jo I loooove your wild & neon glittery nail art in the what nails are you sporting thread, the colours are so zingy, Rachel x
    Hey hun i just read one of your old posts back from 2006! lol About Xtreme Nail topcoats. Did you manage to get some to try and what did you think to them? I was on a CND skill building class the other week and i forgot to take a topcoat so another student lent me one of her topcoats which was Xtreme Nail and i was so impressed with it and decided to try and track it down. I cant find much feedback on it thou, how long it lasts, if it yellows ect ect. I normally use Lumos.
    That's great. I don't think my boyfriend would be as understanding.
    I do wish my clients were a bit more adventurous though to allow me to try new things. If my nails looked half as good as yours, I'm sure they wouldn't mind lol
    Wow! I think you definitely are a glitter Geek. I have just looked through all of your pictures and they have blown me away. Absolutely gorgeous! x

    Your Facebook page is amazing too.
    your fb page is excellent.. although i do think you have a bit of a glitter fetish .lol. really super nails.
    Hello You!! I've just noticed you sneaking back in, lovely to see you hope you are well xx
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