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  • Hi Lisa

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been extremely busy with things.

    I run a busy nail salon in Knutsford that has been established for over 5 years. We specialise in manicures, pedicures and nail extensions (no beauty treatments although I am always looking for the right opportunity).

    We have three tables, with one currently available and have two luxury spa chairs in a separate room. We use OPI and Bio-sculpture.

    Which position would you be interested in by the way? Table rental or salaried wage?

    If you are interested in more details or the position then please don't hesitate to contact me again.

    Many thanks

    Hi Lisa,
    Lovely to meet you today. Thanks I will enjoy pampering before my hols, and just can't wait to get there. Hope to see you again. Lotsa luv x Angela x
    I might travel down on the sunday morn - depends on costs. I'll let you know tho. Are you staying close by to Excel?

    yes please xx are you attending comp in march ? and are you modeling sun morning?
    Yeah I'll be there on Sun and Mon but will need one day to get a look at the show. Would prefer to model on Sunday so I can spend (!) on monday and not have to bring stuff back again.

    Does that fit ok with you?

    L xx
    happy new yr
    i assume that means you r gonna be there?
    do you want to be a model?
    i need min of 2, max of 4.
    i have 2, but you seem to bring me luck, so do you want to, and if so, which day would you prefer?
    liza xxx
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