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  • i do love the bling thing...:lol: i use scrubfresh from the creative range,,you can get this from sweet dont have to have trained with them just ring em and they will set you a account up...its only when you want L&p/gel you have to be trained. x
    No, you can cure Akzentz in your Bio lamp no problem. I'd receommend getting the Akzentz trail or starter kit from Nailsplusbeauty. It requires a bit of practise as its application is different than Bio but there are some great Akzentz tutorials, on here from Lana, under the tutorial section.
    I will keep you posted....Bio is one of th best if not THE best porous gels on the market xx
    I was going to go excel, but it's a little bit to far for me to travel. There is a Beauty show in Birmingham in April so may trek over there.

    Yeh business is going good, like yourself i seem to be getting more and more busier coming into spring ;-)

    I am moving to are a little too far away for my ladies not to worry. TanTrick no longer do free samples chick but we sell a small bottle for you to try out its a 50 or 100ml size I think but the site is down at the moment so cant check for you!!
    Any problems please dont hesitate to ask
    Good luck
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