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  • It's amazing, hey!!! I was so glad I tried it. It really does just slip right off! Glad you love it too!
    just looking at how far away you are from me, it would be nice to get my nails done by someone else once in a while :)
    Hiya hun,

    Sorry for the late reply, I never get to see these messages as I don't log on via pc or Safari very often! lol.

    Nope no new colour yet as I've been investing in other products :) But I am desperate to order more colours... It's next on my to do list lol
    I don't use anything on fingers, I just dry prep. Although on toes I use cuticle away... it's fab, needs to be deactivated with soapy water though before applying Gelish. I would use this on fingers too if I had someone with really bad cuticles :) xxx
    I noticed your comment about not filing the clients natural nail after the first application. Do you mean that you do not buff the nail you previously buffed and only do the new outgrowth before your next application? I have concerns about too much filing as well and was curious about your procedure and how that's working for you. Thanks for any info.....
    Ive been like that so nice to no im moving to be settled now, i always think it would be easier to live in a caravan :) x x
    Ah thanks think its a good pic ;) mine is 18th my daughters 28th :) yes must be hard with the littles ones always on the move x x
    Ahh im moving to Richmond, near Catterick you will of heard of that your other half being in the army, bet its hard to just up sticks and move?
    My bday next month im 39:eek: what day is yours on hun? x x
    wow you dont look old enough to be a mum of two, where have you moved too? im moving in 2 weeks and starting to get very stressed xxx
    Ah im full of cold and getting fed up resting :( Oh foils sound nice you must post a pic when you have done them, id never beable to do those nails im terrible at nail art unless i copy someone :) x x
    Evening, how's you? Thanks for the heart, those nails were amazing, I wouldn't know where to start. X x
    Thanks, I will do I think. I was wondering if there was much call in the beginning for non extension nail treatments but think that there this, I much prefer polishing and gelish to acrylic tips!!! Good luck with the rest of your training, and counselling - its good to be busy!!! xxx
    Helooo! I am trying to get some Nail Harmony Gelish training but being a bit unsuccessful in Plymouth, my boyfriend lives in Yeovil. I see you have trained in Gelish, was this local to yourself? Was it just gelish or do you do extensions too? Thanks for letting me be nosy!!! Claire xxx
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