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  • Hi, ive just purchased thermoshield & im finding that its losing its shine within the same day & looking rather dull :( im using it over acrylic's after ive applied glaze n go then nail art, as i researched that glaze n go can't be used over polish. Please help!! thank you :D
    Hi, sorry if this is a silly question but do you have to have training to be able to use Polish Pro? I have recently done courses in Mani/Pedi and Acrylics and I would love to be able to offer another service when I am feeling confident.
    Hi , just wondered if you can help. I work in a salon and we have been doing quite well with the polish pro. The only problem we seem to have is removing it!! We have tried soaking it off in acetone in one of the trays we bought from NSI where the client can soak both hands at the same time - left the client for 10mins then tried to remove it with no success so left for another 10mins and still ended up buffing off most of the product rather than just pushing it off with a cuticle stick. Therefore damaging the top layer of the clients nail. What are we doing wrong?
    Hi, thanks for replying. It's fine now, took it back to nsi in hillington Glasgow and the tech there - Toni showed me how to get it back into shape and answered all my questions- very happy with it now.
    Hi there

    thought I would ask you first before heading back to nsi shop. I bought an nsi royal precision number 8 brush on tues 17/05/11, used if for first time on wed evening and was very impressed, however I used it last night which was ok but today it's beginning to split like a snakes tongue. I've soaked it in atraction monomer and leaving it to dry to see if it's snap shape will come back but if it doesnt do you havea ny tips or should I just take it back to the store. Would really appreciate your advice. thnaks in advance ;)
    One question...What color is the brush in your Polish Pro (black or white/clear)? Try wiping more product off the brush. The first coat should look translucent (even a little streaky). Don't worry about that...You'll get full coverage with the second coat and you'll know you are applying it VERY thin.
    My model couldnt come so I did on myself they look good but the polish was still comming out too thick so I got a ripple effect :(
    Hiya I've been watching your videos tonight on you tube for Polish Pro as I wasnt feeling confident and now I can't wait to do my next application!

    Thank you!
    Nat :)
    VAT free at Excel
    15% off at Excel over £100

    Does this mean if you spend over £100 at Excel it will be VAT free PLUS 15% off
    (totalling 35% discount)

    Just wanting to check first before buying that I have understood correctly,as Gelish is 30% off
    Thank you so much for confirming that for me.

    I'm thinking of getting Polish pro when I go to Excel.......do you think it would be OK to mix the Opal Shimmer with that too.x
    Do you know if it is ok to mix Opal Shimmer in your clear gel?

    I'm not sure if Opal Shimmer is acrylic based or just a embellishment?

    I have done it on a colour stick over green gel & over blue gel & it looks absolutely fantastic
    i have used a remover previously but when i got my college kit thro nsi they dint send me vanish, they sent something similar in a pink foldy tub but stopped sin it just incase that was the problem
    Hope you dont mind me sending another message. I have got Gelish at the moment but cant wait to try Polish Pro but have loads of colours left and cannot afford to get more colours. Just wondering as I am running low on Gelish base and top coat, would the Polish Pro base and top coat work with gel colours from another company or would you not advise this? x
    ah thanks... i use the acrylic attraction system.
    prep: sanitise hands, push cuticles back & remove dead skin, buff/etch the nail to remove shine, place tip if used then etch the tip and shape, do al 10, then prime each nail, use correct sized & consistancy bead, makin sure not to flood the side walls or cuticle area, not too thick, not too thin. when applied al acrylic file to shape , buff apply glaze & go etc.

    hiya.. i dont come on here mch but when i saw the nsi group i decided to join it.
    ive trained with nsi & only use their products, must say i love them.... but i seem 2 b havin few problems with liftin & some customers losin full nails within 2 wk! i prep correct & follow al guidelines, not to flood cuticle etc.. ive been a nail tech for 3 yr n go alot of nails regular but im just wonderin if you have any ideas to y this may b happenin? could my primer have lost its strenght after 12 for example.. any advice much appreciated x
    Hi, hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I'm looking to purchase some gels to do an American French look. Could you advise what colours would be good for a soft off white and a natural pinky colour? I currently don't use NSI but am looking to convert in the new year, so would rather buy NSI now for this instead of buying from my current brand (if that makes sense!!). Thanks.

    Ive just bought the nsi system. I did my nails last night and my thumb has already cracked. Any ideas why this would happen>
    Hi jlburkhardt!
    Just wondering is it possible to use glaze n go on top of the illusion soak off gel? as i find the shine gel and the top coat gel isnt very shiney! its not as shiney as glaze n go!
    Also can i use acetone to soak them off instead of the soak off illusion one? as its quite pricey to use that all the time.
    Can i use the illusion to extend nails aswell or can it only be used on natural nails? I dont use tips anymore, i sculpt nails. Would i be able to sculpt with illusion with the clear forms? Sorry to ask you all these questions but i saw that your part of nsi and my educator has moved country! thanks! sarah x
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