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  • I think you have only had communication from this moderator because you have been promoting unsafe and unsound practises in your posts and on this site we stick to the facts that are tried and tested and proved to be safe and sound.

    This site is world famous for the teaching on it by many of the world's experts and because that teaching is factual. So, the moderators can't let posts that may harm and teach unsafe practises to others on the forums go unchallenged.

    I'm afraid you can't delete your profile ... if you do not like the site rules then you are free not to take part in the forums.
    HI Susie, do you have any idea of how to delete my profile from this site? I'm getting seriously hassled by a moderator who didn't approve of my posts and i just want out!! :)
    Awesome! Honestly it makes smile lines SOOO easy. I always feel a bit guilty when I do it because is really is cheating, but at the end of the day the client doesn't care how they're done as long as they look good!
    Hi hun, welcome to the site, I'm just of to put into practice your tip on the perfect smile lol
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