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  • Maybe part of the problem for me and cutting was that it scared me a little! Saying that a friend of mine I did the course with has managed to get work experience in a salon after finishing her qualification. Thing is about hairdressing is it is very ageist whereas with beauty you could be going into it at 60 and people really wouldn't butt an eyelid.
    Hope that helps and let me know how you get on.
    Hi Emma, really sorry I've only just picked this up. I am basically qualified in hairdressing with everything but the cutting which is obviously a bit of a problem cause that is what hairdressing is mainly all about! I would say I'm fine with highlights and colour though. Basically the college I paid a lot of money to was a bit of a shambles and it wasn't just me saying it unfortunately. If I'm honest as you probably know hairdressing is completely different to beauty in that I personally feel that you need some salon experience to get confident in in whereas with beauty it is completely different. Tbh it didn't matter that I have a beauty qualificaiton already, it is all completely different and new. I have had agreement from a local college that I could just go there to pass the cutting bit and pay for those bits but at the moment I am still unsure whether I should go back completely in September to do one I have found that is aimed at adult learners only which would be 21/2 days a week for a year.
    I think if you can do it it would be great to add to your treatments.
    Hi my name is Emma, i am really sorry to contact you in this way im not even sure if you still come on here, but hey i figured it was worth a shot. I looked at a post you put on here about a year ago, where you said that you firstly did beauty therapy and then more recently went on to study hairdressing. I have been in the beauty industry now for about 10years and i am thinking of going to college to study hairdressing, i have my own mobile beauty clinic and am completely self employed, ( i am so sorry to bore you i just figured i would give you some background ) i just wondered if you could share your experience with me, were there bits you didn't have to do because of having the beauty qualification? did you have to do work experience? i am really sorry if you think im being really nosey i just wanted to get as much information from as many people as i could from as many angles, i am hoping this will be a good investment in myself and my future, thank you so much and im really sorry if this has bored you to sleep best wishes Emma x
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