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  • Thanks for letting me know.x

    Talking of cake shops I bought their "Snowflake" dust to mix with sog top coat & it gives a lovely silvery white french
    Hi there! They are teh Martha Stewart ones, I got mine the iridescent ones from ebay and the plain colours from qvc - hope that helps!
    Just had a thought, go to cnd.com and register and then you have access to a lot more information. Give Liza a call I think its all go now !!!! xxxx
    Hi huni, are you using primer or are you using the Brisa bond and are you curing the Brisa bond for 10 seconds in the lamp? Then applying a thin to medium layer of Brisa as your base?x
    thanks Odee, this is what i did but wasnt sure if it would be enough for the gems to be secure or if a dab of nail glue was needed? x
    I think they look lovely and I'm very jealous that I can't get mine to look like that. x
    Hey there again :green: Thank you for your picture comment.
    The konad stamper misses out on just the tipsiest points of the corners, I really don't think it is a problem. You do have to aim a little to center the image but that's half the fun ;)
    Hey there, originally I saw the plates on: Enamel Girl: Dashica's Beauty Big Image Plate SdP-A and I totally fell in love with the plate designs.

    I bought them from Shirley off www.dashicabeautyshop.nl
    You will love Brisa, its a dream to work with. I never get heat spikes, just don't lay it on too thick. Because of H&S regulations L&P is not an option for us, but to be honest all our clients love Brisa, Shellac and natural nail care so we are busy just with those. I still do L&P at home to keep my hand in so to speak. xxx
    Thank you so much for your help with the falling flowers plate, I will give it another go, makeing sure the plate is super clean!
    Thank you again for your help!
    I checked out the Affiniti site and they do sell Nfu-Oh but it looks like they are sold out of the holo polishes:(
    I don't know what you mean by "not finding the flowers any different and cleaning the plate because they are very fine" Sorry, sometimes my English is terrible.
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