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  • re my Shellac photo, Blackpool is the base colour, to get the green use Iced Coral over the top, either as a full nail or as art :D x
    Don't know if you'd be interested but I am selling my Akzentz Options gels, hardly used. If you're interested I can let you know what colours etc.:)
    Thanks for the picture comment, hun. Wasn't 100% pleased with them myself, so I wouldn't let client pay full price for them, lol. Not much of a business person, huh? lol! x
    Looks good. The winters weren't too cold. Didn't play havoc with you monomer? Howd you manage to heat it. Sorry to ask too many questions, but best to ask some one who's been there and done it. many thanks Vicky
    Hi Vicky, it's just a summer house, same windows and door. My husband insulated it and I have now done two winters and its lovely to work in..xx
    Hi Victoria!!
    No, I haven't tried Akzetnz options line.. I have stayed with the traditional hard gels..
    I am waiting till all the Hype is over with all the others such as shallac, gellish, eco.. I think there are still alot of growing pains with them and don't want to stress with all that at the moment. I heard not so good stuff about all of them and think I will wait..

    Hi Victoria!!
    No, I haven't tried the other coloured gels, such as Shallac, Gellish, Eco etc. I am still using the traditional hard gels ..
    Hi Victoria.. Re: the leopard print nails.. The picture that you are referring to is actually silver glitter ( It is the way the light is hitting it) but on my other leopard print nails I use gold glitter by NSI called Diva gold. ( the the rest of the nail is Akzentz)..
    yes thats what i do.but after i have applied the clear to fill in the "step" after ive applied the colour on the tip i do a quick once over with a buffer to just make sure its even before i apply the glaze n go.i also use my green sand turtle after i have filed the nail to shape etc... before i apply the colour to the tip so i dont get any "bleeding" at the smile line.hope this helps
    so you have filed the nail to shape thined the edge apply colour. fill nail bed with clear to level then finish with glaze and go? R u filing to refine the shape of the nail before the colour. you dont fined the colour drag into the scratches? or r u filing off thinning the edge, buliding the nail, wiping then applying the colour so that it doesnt get caught in the scratches. sorry to be a pain but your nails look fantastic and im almost there but all i seem to do is file sometimes taking my smile line corners with it. your a star for getting back to me, and maybe if i have it wrong you could let me know? in the meantime off i go again, i will perfect it!!! thanks
    yes i do the coloured gel after building the nail.i then fill the "step" using clear gel.before i apply the coloured gel i make sure when im filing to thin the free edge because i am going to replace it.doing this help with the bolbousness of the nails,hths
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