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  • Thanks for the rep my darling it is kind of you to take the time. Oh you're a Scorpio just like me! I'm a bit older though, bugger! x
    Thanks... Oh Oey... I do try... Sometimes it's difficult, but I'm trying to pass on everything I have learnt so other people can understand it more... our level of knowledge regarding nails are all different on here but hopefully some of the newbies can put down their pride and listen to some genuine facts... xx
    Yes rock Royalty is a deep purple and looks much darker on. Pictures don't always do colours justice :) xx
    Hi oey. I have updated my shellac colour wheel pic msgs and have included all the colour names in order. HTH xx
    Sounds good to me.....I just checked, I can't get there any earlier.That's the first train out of Bangor for me. We'll keep in touch on the way down anyway.....we can blast down and do the geeky thing, but save the expo for Monday!

    Hope you guys OK.....having a blast out's been wonderful! Much needed! xxx
    Will you and Lyndsay be at the PB Geek Meet on Monday 28th? Hope so, it would be lovely to finally meet you both :hug: x
    So what time does your train get in then? Are we dumping bags at the hotel and hotfooting it down for the geeky thing? Be nice to go if we can but I'm easy either way! x
    Thanks very much for that! i still don't really know what i'm doing on here, taking me a while get use to it! But thanks for the advice! :)
    No pics - I rarely allowed my photo to be taken! Have a look on my album for wedding pics - June 09. Will get someone to do some more, when I feel up to it!
    Hmmm....see what you mean. They took my contact details also, so I'll etouy know if they get in touch!

    One day we'll see a distributor that is sorted to our standards!!! (OK Georgie is impressing me so far!) xx
    Small stand but they seemed quite switched on. The girl I spoke to was called Alicia, and they are Wholesales Professional Salon Footcare treatment products for Dry skin, Calluses and Cracked Heels - Footlogix 0844 848 5949. Products loooked good. I didn't see beauty select there at all yesterday and am getting pretty low on callus peel, so maybe these guys will have something worth offering?

    No letter from LL....shame as I have to order. When did it come? I'll maybe wait for todays post!

    The show in general was OK......worth it to see Gelish and I got a few extra colours....although half the ones I wanted had already gone. And the rest of my purchases were really top up on existing product, resin kit from Palms Extra, Eve Taylor stuff etc. I shan't make a special trip to Manchester but I'll def go if you are doing so we can catch up. Let me know what you plan xx
    Picked up details yesterday of the new UK importer for Footlogix.....did you still want some, and do you want the comntact details? x
    thanks again,i dont really come on here much lately i dont know where the time goes.i tried the mobile thing and i couldnt do it although im sure i would probably gain more clients if i did. good luck tho hun im sure you will get back into it soon enough.xx
    Not seen you about on here for while....I hope everything is going well for you and you and yours are doing great xx.
    I have two albums go to the one with my nails, he is a beauty he is three now and has a young brother Henry who is 5 months I now have 4 grandsons. xx
    Hi I don't know what is the matter with enlarging my nail art pic's but I do have them in my albums I think you can just go to my profile and go into my album I love the new green its number 100. Bye for now Di
    Hi Theresa... weird, we're friends on Facebook and not on geek.. how the flip did THAT happen?? LOL.. I could have sworn we were friends already :)
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