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    Pre pigmenting

    Hi there. I personally wouldn't be using 4rv due to the Violet tone. you're looking to get a nice deep red undertone for the level (2) of your final target shade however it would be foolish of me to suggest a specific formula without seeing and making a full assessment of the quality of hair you...
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    Pre pigmenting

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    Pre pigmenting

    You can definitely get good results from filling with col Sync and then so colour over the top. Rule of thumb for filling is to replace all the natural underlying pig of the level your aiming for and also to fill with 2 levels lower than you chosen target shade! Sometimes it’s good to get back...
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    Help, Matrix Socolor level 5 natural ash turned hair green

    Ronray is spot on! And anything you do from now on to this head of hair please do a Test strip , remember CYOA cover your own ass. Check & address porosity primarily before trying to formulate the correction. yo’ve got this . PS : To help you going forward, Matrix do not recommend use of...
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    Customer trouble

    You have done your best and tried to address the problem multiple times. We all have bad days and sometimes clients can expect the moon on a stick! Be polite maintain your dignity by being the professional YOU are. This too will pass so don’t beat yourself up over it. As mentioned previously...
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    Hi, You do need to be clear in what you're asking for when going to a new stylist however this...

    Hi, You do need to be clear in what you're asking for when going to a new stylist however this new stylist seems to have gone a miss from the outset in her consultation and then not informing you in their course of action, sorry you have experienced this unacceptable service. I would personally...
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    Difficult client

    Bless your heart... there are some clients you just don’t need in your column! You will be relieved once you‘ve made an exit plan .. you’ve got this!! X
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    Removing overtone seemingly impossible?

    😍 Yes rock that yellow!!
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    Conditioner before toner?

    Fab.. that’s exactly what I understood to do . Pleased it went well for you! x
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    Conditioner before toner?

    Hi Haircutz, absolutely loving the Olaplex tip in the toner!! just so I have read this correctly, pop the Olaplex no:2 into my toners post bleaching? Thank You in advance x
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    Conditioner before toner?

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    Conditioner before toner?

    :) looks like you're ready to go Jennhartt always good to ask! enjoy x
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    Conditioner before toner?