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  • Hi can I ask where you get your couch vallance from I have some junk under mine I would like to hide, wasnt sure if you could get these or not.

    Thank you

    I hope it all goes well at the gym, luckily clients don't have to come in my house..xx
    Hi Vanda, how are you. Things getting a bit busier but still not enough lol..xx
    P.s had you noticed my name change..xx
    hi yes i am still working there, started as spa assistant, then went to theraist, then to elemis development therapist and now im back to a therapist after going back after maternity leave. i am so glad to have worked there, because the exerience it has given me is invaluable! and the training is fantastic.
    it has just got to the point now where i want to do things my own way. i am very excited about it. thanks for the message xx
    Hi Vanda, didn't get to Excel my Dad's not well. Did you enjoy it. Hows business I'm getting busier but still not enough. I spend nearly all I earn buying new products lol..xx
    Happy New Year Vanda. So glad you been busy, I was at the beginning of January but gone quiet now, so catching up with some decorating ..xx
    Hi Vanda, did you have a good christmas. Hows business?
    I was fairly busy over christmas just hope it stays like that for new year although not looking likely lol..xx
    Ah bet your loving the bon jovi come back, did you see him on x factor? I'm good thanks Hun, ticking over not madly busy but ok. How about you? Are you ready for Christmas? I've done quite alot of pamper partys they seem to be coming popular do you do them? Xxx
    Wow lucky you, will have to have words with my daughter she mad about him lol.

    Sorry your just as quiet as me, so fustrating. We will just have to battle it out, one consolation not much overheads lol..xx
    hi. i dont do many facials at all infact i think i have had 1 in the last 3 mths, maybe i should promote them more x
    Hi Vanda, very quiet at the moment had a couple of busy weeks now gone quiet. Just re-designing my A-board for a bit more impact lol. Hows things at your end..xx
    Thanks Vanda, I went to see him 1st time in gateshead, and the last time was around 7ish years ago, at hampden, I was 8 months pregnant with my middle one,lol, long time standing, but my hubby had to keep telling me to stop dancing and jumping so much hehe, he is great though, and very easy on the eye as well ha ha x
    Hi, well offically opened today, got my Aboard outside and advertising done, so fingers crossed lol.
    Hope everything running smoothly with you..xx
    Thanks Vanda, that's really nice of you! :) I had a problem at first with being a home salon (because my 'salon' at the moment is actually my dining room!), but the feedback I have had from my clients is that they prefer it to a public salon because they know there won't be any interruptions and they feel more at ease. I think that you will always get people who either prefer a home salon or a public one, and you probably know you cannot please all of the people all of the time ;) Let me know how you get on with your website? It is beautiful :). Sarah, xx
    Do you have a local mag you could advertise in? The kind of thing that is A5 and comes through the letterbox free of charge? That worked REALLY well for me when I started my business. Also, do you do leaflet drops? Z x
    Ha ha funny, it will pick up, summer holls is a funny time, lots of people away and kids off. My hubby is trying sell a renovated bungalow and has zero viewings, very frustrating but again am sure its just people are not going to drag the kids round viewing properties. It will all pick up in 3 weeks, and my sanity will be back with kids back in schol.Hurahhh!!!!xxx
    Hi hun, yesv busy, with kids etc, bussiness is quieter for me in the holls, due to the fact that most of my clients are parents so have kids on holls too. Which suits me:)
    Im loving Minx, everyone loves them have done loads, the filing can be tricky sometimes, but if im strugling i use the cuticle clippers to help it along. They are very good for trimming the shape if the size isn't perfect too.
    How are you getting on have you been busy over the summer!! Ha ha it's pouring here!xx
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