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  • Just went to post a message and seen your reply but its on your wall not mine :)
    Really looking forward, one week today, i think ill be calling for advice least you all lived threw it haha
    I would love to meet up sometime how far is hill from north yorkshire ?
    How are you? hows your fiance after the work incindent? x x x
    Aww thanks just playing with colours... I'm fine thanks how bout you... Bet you looking forward to moving. I'm thinking of some of the scenarios that you will have what I've had :Scared:
    I hope one day we meet up when I'm visiting hull xx
    Morning petal, bet you have a big smile on this dull monday morning :)
    thanks for my hearts x x x
    Hey petal thanks :) had a fab time soooo tired as got back middle of the night! hows you? xx
    Ah glad the course went well, how you getting on without yr other half this week? i am getting exited just wish i were 1/2 stone lighter as the thought of a bikini right now is freaking me:eek:
    off to town thismorning, hope you have a nice day petal, speak soon x x x
    I'm glad I'm not alone!!!
    I'm in Stafford. My husband teaches at Barton-under-needwood, that's near burton isn't it?xx
    Heya hun, cant keep away huh! thanks for my heart (how rude!!) not the best way to ask for advice, hows work been? any nail request yet? xxx
    just logged on as was on phone before (sent message) thanks for the like and once again well done petal you have done great xxxx
    Ah glad she is better and party went well, well done for passing, you will be fine on thu, just practice all you can until then :) xx
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