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  • it is we all need to have a little say.... it would be boring otherwise, as long as things don't get too out of hand - no-one should be scared of having an opinion x
    Yes so true and this phase will pass I'm sure - ready for the next lot no doubt! Thanks much appreciated x
    We have our moments on SG ! lol It has always been so. Up and down and round and round. Most get a feel for the site before they post (if they are smart) and we are still the largest on line professional site in the world so we don't do too badly. You can always learn from here and you can always pm me if you ever need to. x
    I think it is because there are some very talented nail tech's out there make L&P look so easy, but in reality it is hard work that has got them there!! Keep practising and I am sure you will get there! I would like to learn L&P one day too but not enough time atm!! x
    You're more than welcome... very impressive improvement and well done for sharing with us :hug:
    You deserve it with that fantastic blending!! I am petrified of tips as I mainly do Gel overlays, and sculptures. So it gave me hope!! I( will try when I get my copy ;)
    Thanks for the heart hun, i lived in Joburg for a few years when I first started working but grew up in the country. We had a game farm on the highveld and I spent my school holidays in the Eastern Cape. Loved it. Also lived in Amanzimtoti near Durban for a while which was fabulous. I havent been back for about 8 years now so a little homesick at times. Getting married on the beach sound awesome, when are you planning to go then. Winter is approaching now so the wet and windy season will be setting in soon in the Cape. You must send me some pics they would be great to see.
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