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    Russian lashes

    They are lovely :)
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    Eyelash Emporium glue

    Hi guys, Just wondered who uses the eyelash emporium glue? I use the medium glue and would say it does the job but retention could be a little better and also it irritates my clients eyes when they sit up and open them. I was looking at trying the ultra platinum glue for retention but worried...
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    Night out in Liverpool

    Oooo sounds good :)
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    Nails or eyelashes?

    Good luck :)
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    How did it all start?

    I did the same as Cinderella71. I had a kit that I needed for college with included the basics, and I slowly built it up adding the odd new thing here and there. I'd already done a gel polish course before so had a few colours and again just slowly added to them as and when I could afford it. I...
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    Night out in Liverpool

    Thanks for that beansy. We're not fussy when it comes to food as long as it's good quality. I'll check out your suggestions :) x
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    Shellac beginners course

    Ah, if it's covered in the course then you'll be absolutely fine :)
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    Shellac beginners course

    Do you already have a manicure qualification? I believe that it's a pre requisite for shellac courses?
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    Gel and Shellac starter kits

    Gel is quite a vague term as there are so many products around. Hard gel can be used to do extensions, gel polish it just to provide a long lasting colour and shellac is a hybrid product which is a mix of gel and normal polish which again just provides a long lasting colour. I use Denise Taylor...
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    Where are you all based?

    Down the road from me :)
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    Trying to locate a Kim Lawless waxer in Hinckley

    not sure if you ever found her but there is a lady trading as Hare2Bare in Hinckley who is kim lawless trained? She's on here I believe
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    Monthly trade swap near Hinckley / Nuneaton anyone?

    Unfortunately I can't do the above but if you ever fancy your nails doing or eyelash extensions then give me a shout. I'm near Atherstone x
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    Coffee for friendless geeks

    I am between Atherstone and Tamworth. I don't imagine there are many people near me as it's a pretty small place.
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    I'm Atherstone as well :)
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    Night out in Liverpool

    Hi Geeks, I'm thinking of treating my boyfriend to a night out in Liverpool for his birthday in August with over night stay and looking for some recommendations really. Would like a nice hotel, doesn't have to be 5* but would like something quite nice. A nice place for food, and then a nice...