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  • Thank you. I trained with ABX (lash xpert, I-Lash) in 2006, so have been doing them a while. The training was fab! I have done a refresher course with them since which was great too. hth x
    Well I didn't sit down once (and I'm usually such a lazy bitch).. EVERYONE was singing and I was really surprised by the amount of fellas there too, so tell your hubby not to worry.. he won't be on his own :lol:
    I had ok seats at the last concert I went to and was about 10 rows away from them... when they said "thank you goodnight" and went off.. most people left the stadium OMG are they mad or what??... they hadn't even played scroundrel days or hunting high and low so I knew they'd be back... so myself and my friend rushed up to the front row and when they came back on stage Morten looked at us.. looked a little bit confused so a second and then gave us a funny little laugh... HA HA imagine he knew what had happned and I'm sure he thought "look at those cheecky cows".. but at least we were still there till the death and Jesus.. HE IS BEAUTIFUL and Mags is a fine thing too.. that was one of the happiest and best nights of my life!!!...
    Oh You lucky wagon I'd LOVE to see them again, but looks like that won't happen :cry: It's funny, I've loved A-ha since I was about 13 or 14 and I STILL listen to the same albums.... they're just classic aren't they?.. they never date.. anyway... enjoy the concert!!.. I'm VERY jealous :green:
    Whoops sorry.. I just had a look at your "about me"... of COURSE it's Morten!!
    I saw him in Dublin at the 02 a few years back and I really felt like I was 15 again... I was head over heels in love with him.... ok I kinda still am :)
    I keep meaning to ask you... who is that on your avatar pic??... Is it Morten Harket?
    Eeeeek dont say that word I hate it lol (DIET)!! Yeah they do look like that campino strawberry things yum!
    im definately thinking that route for me too, going to phone tomorrow about the naturally nails course yayyyy. i originally thought en courses but i think i would be easily frustrated if i got stuck. i know they work for a lot of people but i dont have a lot of money and i dont want to make the wrong decision
    Thank you very much for the friend add I could do with all the advice i can get at the moment lol...so i may be picking your brains very soon ; )

    Orbie xx
    Hi Orbie,
    I see you are only a few minutes away from me. Good luck with your course. If you need any help just yell. Also if you struggle for models I am only in Towneley Park area.
    Love Angela x
    Hi to you I think I have pretty much decided to do the gel course with EN in September when my youngest starts nursery. The nail art course I'm doing at the moment is at my local college not the EN one so I can't tell you what the EN one is like sorry. I would however love to do the airbrush course of theirs at some point!

    Thank you for the visit and the message I'm new to all the nail stuff (been doing my own for years but finally learning how to do it properly lol) so finding this site has been brilliant for me and will probably continue that way if and when i get stuck with something!

    Orbie : )

    Good luck if you decide to do an EN course! I love mine - cant wait to qualify!! Let me know how you get on with the nail art one as, after the gel one, Im thinking of doing that one next!

    Good luck!

    prettymiss xx
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