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    Botox and fillers help!

    No. I'm a beauty therapist, these are aesthetic treatments. They're going to become very heavily regulated.
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    Botox and fillers help!

    I'd recommend joining the BACN if you want to go down that route, they are heavily involved in the qualifications and good practice side.
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    Has anyone hosted a trade fair before?

    You can ask the local MP to come along to get the press to turn up, and comfortable shoes are a must on the day. And free food samples get people flocking.
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    Children in a salon

    It's such a hard one, sometimes it's ok if the parent can still supervise them but if they're too young then it's not really workable. Not much help sorry, I used to say it's ok if I knew the client and the age of their children.
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    Career change?

    Hi Essentia, I don't disagree with anything you say there. Bad treatment is bad treatment whatever the machine. I have both an automated and a manual one. This is a specific problem that only occurs with automated machines, and it really is a problem. It's like trying to drive a Ferrari before...
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    Tips for liaising with local businesses

    Purchasing something from them is a good way to show you're genuine.
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    Laser hair removal and IPL?

    Of all lasers, your one is the type that's most similar to IPL. That's why you're allowed to use it.
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    Laser hair removal and IPL?

    There is quite a good chance there'll be a proper standard coming for laser and IPL. I know quite a lot of work has been done on this already, especially with the Keogh review into non-surgical cosmetic treatments project that's just finished. It should get better :cool:
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    Laser hair removal and IPL?

    Yes a big conspiracy that made doctors lobby parliament to include IPL in any laser legislation, just for fun! By the way, why did Palomar sell their laser business Miss Laser Expert?
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    Insurance for beauty room

    Public, professional and indemnity insurance is what you need to cover every possible situation. If you have a lot of expensive equipment it's worth having an extra policy for equipment damage or theft too. The price differences are due to the amount and type of cover you'll get. The higher...
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    Laser hair removal and IPL?

    So you'd fire an IPL into your eyes then beaulaser? Seeing as it's just a lightbulb?
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    Laser hair removal and IPL?

    Are you taking the mick?
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    Business plan

    It's tricky, I'm not a fan of discounts unless you make them permanent via a loyalty card. For example set the price for a treatment at £X + 10% and then you don't lose anything. Also giving people the chance to have a look around the treatment rooms via online photos and videos maybe. Bundled...
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    Career advice please

    Maybe the answer is under your nose, work the hours the salons don't do? You could test this by taking some holiday/burning the candle at both ends for a couple of months and offer more evenings. If the demand is there then you have your answer, if not you can cut back and go back to normal...
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    Has anyone hosted a trade fair before?

    An entire fair or just a stall?