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  • hi how are you?
    I'm changing to LCN, went to sue for a demo and really liked what i saw!!
    Thankyou for your kind comments on the pics! I have lived in Spain for 2 yrs and did bar work as well as nails until I had built up enough of a client base to go solo. I work in a salon and freelance (mobile and other salons if the need arises). I have had to be really flexible over here and have gone out of my way on occasions to keep business - it has paid off though as there are so many people out of work here and going back to Uk. Are all your clients British? How is the work situation there? xx
    next set of nail I'll post a photo, the ones I had had to come off 'cause I have to go under full anaestetic mondaymorning and extension are a big no in the o.r. .A positive thing about the brisa lamp is that your client doensn't have to sit in a strange position for the thumbs as the lamp is raised from the surface where you can very easily place your other fingers under the lamp,I hope that makes sence
    have great new years eve and lots of pressies
    well I do find it hard changing the workmethod as I've been working with ibd for 6 years and every brand has it's own method, but I'm getting there,they're lovely to work with especially when prepping the nail ,with ibd it was a dry prep but with brisa it is practically a full manicure you just don't have to give your client a full handmassage.I must say that with ibd I had lifting problems that started at the sidewalls and I don't have that with brisa,cause the prep is so thorough.
    Your nailart looks great ,I am total s**t at this
    happy holidays
    hi there. have a little look on my blogspot , there are a number of tutorials and photos and hopefully they'll give you some ideas. ive always had great results with the lechat range. Susan Loasby, Angel Fingers Angel Fingers Nails, Nail Technician Courses in Northampton
    you might like to try the lechat gel range. its very good quality and i'm sure it'll be less expensive for you. there may be a distributor locally to you, but i'm sure lechat u.k would supply you if not. see LeChat UK - Nail Care Products for products and you can see some examples of nails ive done with lechats range on either Angel Fingers Nails, Nail Technician Courses in Northampton or Susan Loasby, Angel Fingers . let me know if you'd like advice on anything they sell.
    hi an
    thanks for your message about the french color ,just read it actually,well I sold all my ibd stuff and I'm converting to cnd brisa I've only just bought the masterpack no colors yet
    hej, i m fine if i forget that my 3 year daughter is getting sick every time i take her to school! she just goes for 3 days and sick again!!
    however i m not a fan of winter but i love christmas. ok then thanks for the info. i ll wait fotr the new stuff and will go. i have a new client today and another one tomorrow so i m very exited:) you know every time i get new clients i m always a bit stressed not knowing how they will get along with nails!
    hope you re doing good at the course, regarding the zoom yes i use that as well but fiona has another top coat i think of ezflow and it says non yellowing, i used to use it on super easy gel.
    take care
    Hi, yes i have to ask rebecca about the new colours. I have been using deluxe since may, its very expensive compared to other gels and brands however i m happy with it. the nails never become yellow again! i don't think its your nail beds, its the gel. did you try a non yellowing top coat? i used to use it on top of super easy and top shine gel. Deluxe is not runny like super easy, its different to work with.
    I m sure you ll find a salon to work in. malta is much easier i think then gozo. here in every corner you find someone who does nails. Yes i did cards with vista print. I also offer a free infill with every 10 done. I think it only takes time you know. At least i m happy that in 1 and a half years i was never without a client! if you happen to be at fiona and see nice christmas glitter gels please let me know.
    Hi nice to hear from you, good you started. things are ok in gozo, i got 2 new clients lately so i m happy, you know its hard to get new clients when you work from home, but the best thing is not to get disheartened and always practice. Would like to find time to go to fiona to buy some glitter gels for chiristmas time! Its a disadvantage for me having to come from gozo:) however good luck with your course!
    Lol I only found these myself last week !!! Go into my profile, user control panel, go to the bottom of the page and your reps are there !
    Of course you are welcome to print out any of the tutorials ... however if you would rather purchase my book (which contains most of the tutorials) .. it is not expensive and postage is free in the UK if you order from Just click on books and my book is called 'nailclass' by gigi rouse. If you do a search on the site, you can read what people have said about it and how it has helped them. xx
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