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  • Hiya hun, sorry i never replied ive been in the middle of a move so only been logging on here and there on my phone, hope your well x x x
    Hiya petal just seen your post on the bio thread, so you passed :) well done, how you getting on? x x x
    hi i got the toffee (9) colour, me and a girl on the course went half on the pot as would not use it again, ohh i want the diamonte brush, i use the pink brush number 4 for colours and the basic brush for clear and a different basic brush for topcoat, i use the white 4 for french, i changed my routine a bit, i now do clear, colour, colour uv topcoat and find that best for me. Mind everyone has there own routines guess its what works for you, just ordered some new colours that are coming today so cant wait, you must put your work on when your ready, be great to see x x
    Ahh i dont yet do Shellac but next on my list :) how you getting on with the Bio ? xx
    Hiya, a couple of tips I was told was when doing first colour don't go right to cuticle then second coat go right down to cuticle, edge. Also a few of mine were lifting so (not in exam) for clients now I use scrub fresh, do you use this x x
    Hi Paula, Absolutely not!!!!!!

    You can safely use this oil on your Bio overlays sculptures or tips. It is one, if not THE, best cuticle oils available. I use it on myself and all of our salon clients and have done so for a couple of years now.
    No lifting or melting :wink2: xxx
    Hi paula's beauty. I bought the whole course which included the kit and lamp - very expensive. I dunno anything about Shellac - why not see if one of the other ladies on here could help as they are all very knowledgeable about all things! Sorry I couldnt have been more help!
    Ahh thats fab, Is it your exam or your first day course? Im loving Bio sculpture and really want to try Shellac next! x x
    babe ... i used to do bio sculpture before shellac .... cnd lamps including the original brisa lamps work fine with bio sculpture kx
    hi there, just seen on a thread your doing bio exam in june, I done mine in jan and one thing id say get all prep done as much as possible as you are flat out for the time you have, i dont think i came up for air:eek: my sister was my model and she needed the loo but could not let her go as every second counted. I finished with only a few mins to spare so just go in and do what you have to do as fast as possible. Good luck let us no how you do:hug:xx
    No not ordered it yet, I have quite a few tunics and trousers/leggings combos so not in a rush to buy it, thinking I'll get it for the warmer weather.
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