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  • what would you charge for the gel overlays french manicure ? I may come to you in the future. As looks like ill be having overlays for sometime now until my natural big toenail grows back anyway and I know this can be months. Woman today said once she had done the ped next week she prefers clients to wait until its grown out then start afresh rather than infiling which makes sense. I like the idea of the flexibility of gel on toenails rather than the acrylic to be honest and I do tend to wear boots most of the winter. Im wondering whether to come to you instead, now I have the fake toenail could you apply the french over the top / match it up with the other toes? using your gels?
    i do either. to be honest i think its better in acrylic when there is not much nail to anchor to as gel can be a little uncomfortable when its curing on bare skin. i generally tend to doo soak off gel overlays on healthy toes though. great flexibility even in shoes and boots.
    glad you were pleased with results, odd that she didnt do the french though. i cant think of any reason why you wouldnt unless she just didnt book a long enough appointment with you. i rebuild toes from time to time too, makes such a difference doesnt it. just suprised that somone was offering wilde pedique locally, its not something you find very often. did she tell you why your nails came off ?
    Yeah I got here last May. goign through another upheaval at the mo, my life is never dull!!!! but I love it hre, best move I ever made!
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