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  • Hi pazzy yea I did it last week, the course content was good and the trainer was really nice and friendly. My only problem was I hadn't bargained on how difficult and fiddly it is..it didn't help that I'd made the mistake of having a model with very very thick super curly lashes..it was almost impossible to put lashes on her and I got very frustrated! The trainer was great tho and advised me to stop and practice on strip lashes and that she would come back to me at any time to go back through things if need be..I also won't be qualified until I send off some case studies, which I think is great as there is definitely a lot of skill involved in doing a great set of lashes. I would recommend flirties training..but I would also recommend using a sparser lashed model for your training! Apparently older ladies are good for this..ha.x
    Haha well priorities take over don't they!...I have done level 2 beauty and tht had a make up module in but wasn't every in-depth.lecturer really just said here is you kit get on with it kind of thing.I would like to know different techniques of applying eyeshadows to create different looks that's what I'm after.but things for weddings and proms not things for photoshoots and that sort of thing.would you recommend anywhere for this type of thing in the north east area?xx
    Hello,thank you for the request.I notice you do make up training in th north east...would you mind sending me some details please

    Hi Pazzy

    I see that you're a Dinair fan. I would like to try it but do they only sell in the US? Thanks
    Hey, im good thanks, starting to feel a bit heavy now but otherwise ok. Lovely name, I still haven't decided yet, makes it harder not knowing if boy/girl. What time do you have to do feeds ? Are you breastfeeding or bottle ? Im hoping to bf so Im guessing thats going to be a little harder ?! xxxx
    Me too,tonnes of pressure,and pains :rolleyes: really hoping it's sooner rather than later,9 day's to go ! If i don't get chance again,best of luck hunnie xx
    Don't know what we are having, same as you with names have had so many people openly say they hate them I just stopped telling people ! My friend has 4 weeks left to, she is huge ! She said she just wants the baby out now !! xx
    hey hun,6 wks on sunday for me :D me too feeling fab,i got massive straight away but have got no bigger AND lost weight everywhere else whooooo. We are both great,thanks,glad you are too xx
    Still a couple of teething problems but I surpose that is to be expected when you try any new product. I definately need to buy some of the new base coat they do so i can eliminate that. I did an overlay over my acrlic nail the over day and within 36 hours it had peeled from the free edge, having said that I have a client who has been wearing options for about 4 weeks now and no one of hers has peeled of lifted at all!!! I want to get to the bottom of it as the colour coverage is imo easier to achieve and infills are a doddle....you can't see any colour difference in the new growth area. Have you tried Options before?
    Noticed that you asked on the Akzentz group if anyone has tried the darker shades of options. I ordered four colours and they arrived today. Have tried Mulberry and it hasn't seperated in the pot and was able to get even dense coverage in two thin coats. xx
    not too bad actually. I was home for 7pm and had 3 and half hours of drinking squash before I went to bed.
    Hi, goggle Vbnails, I have just had a quick look and it says out of stock but its prob worth getting in touch just to check, when I spoke to him ( he's chinese and I had to listen hard !) I thought i might be on the road to being ripped off but he genuine the lamps are really good, i lost one of the timer lables and he even posted on of those out for free within a day
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