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    Zero hours contract

    Yeh it’s zero hour, more along the lines of just telling us what we cannot do etc. We cannot work from home or work elsewhere.
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    Zero hours contract

    Hi, so I work in a salon and they have been reducing everyone’s hours as it’s been dead. The only thing is we are zero hours and they obviously don’t have to give us any that week at all BUT they told us we cannot work from home or have another job? I’ve googled this and said that’s not...
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    Sharon Osbourne colour change

    Stunning that must have been hard to achieve in one go? (Not a hairdresser )
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    Radius clause and advertising

    To me I’d say you are allowed to advertise on your social media. You had clients on there as friendships and the fact that you are now starting up shouldn’t affect that. If you were to directly approach them and tell them at the salon is different. But your using your social media as a free...
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    Going self employed

    Hi yes sorry about not being more clear [emoji23] I don’t want to be mobile, I was wanting to rent a room. I plan to offer limited treatments. Brows (including microblading) lashes (lifts, tints and Russian and classic) facial waxing only and gel polish xx
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    Russian lashes

    No advice I’m afraid as I’m waiting to do my russians course, didn’t want to read and run so will be keeping my eyes peeled for others opinions x
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    Going self employed

    Hi everyone, please can I have your top tips for going self employed. What things are needed to be factored in: insurance,tax, products etc etc Many thanks!
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    Best toner light blonde hair

    Hi everyone, what would people recommend as the best toner for light blonde hair? Been having Joico 10NV and not actually a massive fan of it. Currently a level 9 with some lowlights. Wanting to go to the picture as posted.
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    Melting bristles

    Has anyone’s brushes bristles melted when using a professional hair drier?
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    Hi everyone, I’ve recently started a level 3 nail course and have moved onto applying this particular academies own brand of acrylic,glue and monomer. Any hoo after a week of wearing the nails (we apply them to ourselves) I’ve developed small under skin blisters, sore cuticles and cracked...
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    Nail art must-haves?

    Hello all, I’m starting out doing acrylic nails and part of that is the nail art side. There are so many brushes, tools and accessories and I don’t want to buy something pointless. Any recommendations? What are your top tips [emoji3]
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    Eyebrow lamination

    Hello everyone, I’m just wondering if people have done the training on eyebrow lamination, and if so how did you find it? It looks like a good treatment and I think it would be good to offer that in the salon. Just looking for others experiences really [emoji120][emoji5]
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    Why have I received free perfume samples?

    We have these in our salon and they are fab! Our clients love them and so do I, really good matches I must admit x
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    Too dark toner help

    Hi, I had a Joico 8NW toner put on my hair which was a level 10 to tone the bright blonde down to a darker blonde and it’s gone brown! I told them I didn’t like it and it was too dark and they did a clarifying shampoo on my hair and it did nothing. What’s my next steps please? My friend...
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    Best hairdryer please

    Thankyou the senior stylist recommended that also, will have a nosey [emoji108]