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  • Hi honey, sorry for the delay in reply. Thanks for you comment, yes I did end up at the Range but the only ones they had that were A3 size were the clip frames so I gave up trying to find nice ones and just went with those xxx
    Hi there.
    You may order whatever you wish once your account is set up!!
    Its entirely up to you..... The Navigator handbook is a fab source of information, but Id strongly suggest attending the training course, it really brings the products to life!
    The products are amazing and I cannot stress how up and coming this brand is!
    What you may like to do is buy some of the travel sizes to test over a month with the navigator and see how you feel. That way you have only invested a small amount of money and have got a feel for the range!
    If you need any more help though, just gimme a nudge.
    M. x
    I use the Protein Bond on the free edges of all clients, I don't want to wait for one to get a problem and you only use a tiny amount on each and it just gives peace of mind. Cap with it so that the ManiQ really sticks when you cap that. Really good adhesion with it. x
    Pink No 4 and Coral No 1 are great colours also very popular is the Orange No 1. Red No 4 is one of my most popular colours it's a shimmery red that goes with most things and Brown 101 is also very popular. x
    Honestly speaking I have all of the colours except the very pale green and the very pale lilac and I love them all. Usually I pick and choose between colours of any collection but I love all of these. What types of colour do you want to get and how many, it would be easier for me to advise you then! x
    Hiya, sorry I've been away training for a few days. If you want to use Gelish over enhancements, then file down to a 180 grit xx
    Hi, thanks for your visitor message, however, please note that I didn't make any comments on the matter until just reading that thread for the first time since posting the original question! I believe someone else had a discussion on it, but it wasn't me! x
    After as was already on my nails but if doing from the beginning would not use it. Cure then add the design and cure again xx
    Thanks for the nice comment on my pic. The nail was sculpted with the narmony renew pink and natural powders. I would definately give fusion a try, its really lovely to work with xxxxx

    Just read your post re VANI T and thought I would introduce myself and confirm the VANI T UK distribution situation.

    WOW Factor are no longer distributors for VANI T. There are now 2 distributors servicing the UK depending on your location. Please see below:-

    North UK and Scotland VANI T UK
    VANI-T-UK-Home - Distributors Of The World's First One Hour Wash And Wear Organic Spray Tan
    01642 356930 info@vani-t-uk.com

    Southern UK (south of Nottingham) Bronze Couture Supplies
    please see Bronze couture-Home
    00 353 599 180477 info@bronzecouture.ie

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kindest regards

    Chris Johnson
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