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  • Hi, I wondered if that was you that liked my page today, thank you for your lovely comments. I bought opal glacier especially for the nail art comp, it looks beautiful in the pot, but its 2 tone and although all the pictures it looks very silvery, the pink shows up a lot more in reality but i still think it's going to be very popular.
    I am on the recommended list, but have only been on it for about a month and had no calls from it as yet. My best tool is my facebook page, it's free to do, and i've joined a local mums networking group on facebook, and all the members "like" your page so all their friends can see when they like a comment or picture you put up which gets your name out there and in return more likes and potential business. I've got 2 regulars from this group and had 3 people for xmas nails. Have also had 2 people find my facebook page via a google search, which i didn't even think about! Anyway, hope this all helps, got another set of valentines nails tomorrow night so look out for my next set of pics and let me know what you think xxx
    Hi Angela, I'm so glad you found me, I was thinking driving home i should have asked for your sign in name on here! I have flash cured a couple of people, but they both had awkward colours and the 2nd coat seemed to take me ages to perfect, so only managed to flash cure the 1st coat of colour on each occasion, but at least it made it a bit quicker. If you are on facebook, my page is www/facebook.com/nailsbyanthea (my page is actually called "mobile bio sculpture nails - godalming" but that takes ages to type lol) I've just put up a photo on my page of my 1st attempt for the bio sculpture nail art competition, i did pink and red roses on an opal glacier base, but i'm not sure how good they look, i had a look at the finalists for the christmas nail art comp and they were REALLY good, but at least it's practice! I don't come on here very often, maybe once every week or 2, so please don't be offended if you message me and i don't get back to you straight away. Speak soon, Anf xxx
    Lizbeth is my username :) My name is Diane. I've used a few tips from the course so far and all seems good - the next 3 weeks will tell!
    Yes, I saw a post and thought it was you so was also thinking it would be good to keep in touch. Xxx
    Hi Liz, is that the right name i'm terrible remembering names but i remember the twins, no i don't mind you saying hello, i thought Esther & everybody was really friendly & came away with a few tips but feel that i wanted to find out more! but i think that's always the way isn't it, but we could always refer to each other in future, i contacted Anthea on here but not got back to me yet, how did you find me? i expect it was from my posts, Angela x
    Hi Angela, hope you don't mind me saying hello! We spoke on Monday at the Bio Course - I've got the 5 year old twin girls :) What did you think of the course?? :)
    Hi, thanks for taking time to reply, i thought it might be ikea table that you had customised, very creative love it, i might have to get playing my black manicure table is very boring! thanks Angela x
    Thank you, that's very kind! It is a basic table from Ikea that a lot of Geeks have. I think it's called the 'curry' and comes in different colours/combinations. It's very cheap and can fit an ikea drawer unit under that sits to one side, so perfect for me. It is wallpaper that I have underneath, meaning you can match it to your room. :)
    I couldn't find any glass to fit my table and it was really expensive to custom make it, so it's the plastic sheeting from B&Q. Beware though, acetone will eat it!
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