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  • Thank you for the rep point from last April lol! So embarrassed, been away from the site and just found it now! xx
    hi there, i hope you dont mind me sending a friend request :) I read your reply about Minx and you sound like exactly the same kind of business i want to work towards - cnd l&p, Brisa, spa manicure/pedicure etc x
    He he.. sorry for teasing!! Cruel am't I?.. it really is lovely and very very simple to use. If you can paint a nail, you'll LOVE Shellac as it's even easier than painting with polish.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing some new pics in your album x x
    Thank you so much for the rep:hug:

    Just had a peep in your album.. lovely work!!
    I hope you didnt misunderstand me :hug: I meant a 2 day conference would be boring - not you :hug: :)
    Hey hun!!! I friend requested you im a west country CND geek lol. I am doing brisa training with katrina monday thaught id give u a friend request xxxx
    Thanks forn the rep hun, I enjoyed my pamper weekend too - 1st time on the receiving end :) xxxx
    No worries hun, its 10 years ago i went to uni but i remember those feelings! let us know how she gets on xx
    So glad you liked that tune I mentioned on my blog! I was WELL chuffed when Sonia found who that was yesterday, as I'd spent a fair bit of time Googling to try and find it to no avail... I guess since then, they released it as a a download though :)
    thrilled to bits you are so busy ... and off for a much deserved rest ??? in Miami ???? I think it is as hot here as in Miami at the moment. Take care and have a wonderful time!! :hug:
    Hiya gorgeous....well all is fine and dandy as it usually is...kids screaming and fighting...me and hubby screaming and fighting....it's too hot and I'm too fat...so everything is just normal as it should be :lol:
    I hope all is well with you too...and keep positive!! xxxxx :hug:
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