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    Gelish Pink

    Hello Nail Geek! I have a gelish client who would like a full coverage pink, preferably without a glitter effect. I find the gelish charts don't give a great idea of actual colour and was hoping some geeks could recommend. Thanks:biggrin:
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    Panic attacks

    Hi! Just found this thread and it's good to know i'm not a total weirdo! I've suffered from panic attacks, fear and anxiety for years and it really dictates a lot of what i can and can't do. Tried hypnotherapy, anti depressants and thought field therapy(think that's what it's called). Nothing...
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    New Look Promo

    Hi Has anybody been contacted by New Look about their mini manicure promo? I f the customer spends a certain amount on their account card they get a free mini manicure, which they can redeem at a salon in their area. The mini manicure is given free of charge by the salon but no advertising...
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    Gelish Black Shadow and Jet Set

    Hi, Do any of you know if Jet Set is a pure black. Black Shadow out of stock at the moment and wanting a similar colour. Thanks :biggrin:
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    Illamasqua make up courses

    I really love Illamasqua Make Up and fancy doing one of their courses. Have any of you been on one of their courses? If so, what did you think? Done a search on here and can't find anything and also searched for reviews on google but can't find any impartial reviews! Please let me know if you...
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    (Help please)got my MAC card now then...

    Yeah the Mac card is £25, Illamasqua free. Not sure about any of the others though.:)
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    (Help please)got my MAC card now then...

    Hi, I got my Mac Pro card by printing out the form off Mac Pro website and sending it off with I.D, qualifications etc. The form tells you everything you need. If there is no stores near you, you can use your discount if ordering over the phone, but not the website. I go along to the counter in...
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    who is worth getting discount card with(make up)

    Hi! If you've done any make up for stuff thats been published you can get 45% off with MAC, but you have to pay for their card. You can get up to 40% off Illamasqua online with make up qualifications and they don't charge. Illamasqua make up is fab too! :)
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    Which gelish colours are best?

    I like Night Reflection and Bella's Vampire. Not sure what fedora is like though so don't know how they compare.:)
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    Sienna X Privileged Membership....

    Hi Sarah, i'm pretty quiet up here too it's just that time of year i think. Sending some leaflets, money off vouchers to clients and usually get some people off that. With regard to the Sienna x thingy, i'm sure i searched a while back on here and there was another thread bout it. I won't do it...
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    Moving Salons Advice needed

    Do it!!! I was in a similar situation, same hairdressers for 8 years, good clientele etc. I moved out of the area, it's going ok but bloody hard building up business again. If i'd had the chance of a salon in the same street, or even the same town i would have snapped it up. Good Luck:)
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    Matis help

    I use Matis and really like it. I think they had couple of grand minimum order a while back but i think they have really relaxed this in economic climate! I live in North East and my rep is really nice and helpful but not sure if it'd be the same person in your area. If you want her number i...
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    waxing problem!!

    Maybe some medication she was taking or cream she was applying?
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    Express Lashes!

    Hey! The town my salon is in has another salon which a few of my customers have been to to get what i can only imagine to be express lash extensions. They say it only takes her 10 mins and they last 2 weeks, but they only pay £10! Is this the going rate for express lash extensions? I have done...
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    Advice on renting a beauty room

    Hi I moved area about 7 months ago, only a few of my existing clients were able to make it over to see me and i had a really busy place before! It's been a bit traumatic but seems to be turning around and am starting to pick up now, quite a few new clients and few regulars out of those...