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  • Thank u for the photo comment :)
    The nails are done in CND perfect powder with retention+ the shine is from buffing :)
    Hi. This is my polish holder. Buy Polish Carry Case from Beauty Express

    I don't like it. It's too big and bulky. The polish rolls look much better.

    The ones in my pics are free hand...just used my regular brush to do then added some pink art over it (not sure how clearly you can see it) and on the other one a little stone in the middle..
    i know i would have loved to have you do them for me! there isnt anyone i know who does things like that around here apart from the chinese places and they use the electric drills and ruin your nails. ive seen so many people who have been there to have their nails doe and they are so damaged!were the bows on the nails i liked from the molds or freehand?
    its a shame you're so far away, i would have got you to do my nails! i think the silver glitter tips with pink bow are so cute, just what i want doing!i dont use l+p, i trained in it at college but have been using gel ever you use any of the gel polishes like shellac or gelish?im in bucks in the south east so quite far from you!
    i just had a look at your pictures and i love the nails with the glittery silver tips and pink bows, they are gorgeous!where abouts are you from?
    where did you get yours from in the end?i havent got mine yet as i totally forgot about them and need to pay for them lol.did you find it hard doing them freehand?what product are you using?
    I need your S2 customer number to verify and then I can send the minx video.
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