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    Colour advice?

    Hi Hannah, I'd get her to come to college with you that way you will learn as you do it, it's very difficult to give you a formula to get a perfect ash blonde without seeing her hair 'live'. College tutors will talk you through the processes and help you figure out out, I'm sure they stock...
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    California road trip holiday!

    Highway 101, coastal road as much as possible. I travelled from Oregon down to LA, best road ever! Enjoy, the people are friendly and welcoming, can i come?
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    Would you rather?

    Start early, finish early. Would you rather burgundy pleated polyester calf length skirt with brown tights and lace ups OR beige plaid polyester permanent front crease slacks with socks and sandals , mwahaha :)
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    Help-hair colour question

    Hi, in the first photo your hair has very light(if slightly yellow) roots and after using a purple shampoo, your roots have gone this dark? Very strange.
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    Majimeches-20 vol vs 30 vol dilemma?

    Or a hairdressing lady? (Sorry off topic) :)
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    Need help, colour correction!

    Hi Candz, really sorry I'm not going to be much help, it's a job for a specialist in colour correction, I'm a qualified hairdresser of 20+ years but even with that experience and knowledge i don't attempt corrections as there are so many variables and things to go wrong. Keep up with the...
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    Would you rather?

    steal a car? - no guns involved then! Poached or fried egg?
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    Would you rather?

    Hairy legs, you can always wear trousers. Would you rather an open fire in a draughty house or central heating and upvc Windows.
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    Over from skin - help with changing my hair

    Be honest with her if you get on well, say that with baby number 4!! On its way you want easier to maintain hair so wish to return to your natural colour, she should advise you how she'll go about this, then say you'd like to try cutting every 10 weeks as you're growing it. Can't see it will be...
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    Grey hair-how old?

    Photo please?? :)
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    If you were a dog...

    The incredible hulk? (Quite bulky and green :green:) What cheese would you be if you were a cheese?
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    Would you rather?

    No phone line, would you rather still or sparkling water?
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    If you were a dog...

    If i were a pudding I'd be a chocolate sponge pudding, comforting and a bit sickly?! If you were a predator, which would you be and why?
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    Ideas for a fun thread?

    You start it, I'll join in :)
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    Would you rather?

    Summer. Would you rather, the truth that hurts or false praise?