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    What's your everyday perfume?

    I have 3 absolute favourites, the Liz Earle one is gorgous, Calix which seems to be hard to get, and Phillosophy Baby Grace. I don't tend to go for the normal high street brands. Joan:)
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    Professional Beauty 2010 Manchester!!!!

    I went to the show today, admittedly I didn';t go last year, but it wasn't a patch on previous years shows, the stands were smaller, there were less exhibiters, so much so that everything was in one hall. I had a good day and bought a couple of things, but all in all I was not too impressed...
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    Does anyone feel the same??

    Everyone feels, an outsider at first no matter what web forum you are on, forums are made up of individuals, each with their own thoughts, humour etc. When I first joined I felt much the same and I even had a couple of run ins with peeps with different opinions, but the help and advice I...
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    Can older new starters do well?

    I was 49 when I started out on my NVQ level 2 nail services, then for a few reasons I had to take a year out, now I am back at college doing my level 3. I must be positively doddering if you think you are too old at 39 a mere baby you are. Go for it and enjoy every minute. Joan
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    Can anyone give advice

    Thanks for your replies, after reading Sassies reply last night I decided to try to find an Employment Lawyer, not an easy job given the time constraint I was under, Tomorrow 12 noon, anyway I finally managed to speak to one over the telephone, he rang me so it cost me nothing, I explained the...
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    Can anyone give advice

    Thank You so much for all the excellent replies, all of which are echoing my own thoughts on the matter. I have thought long and hard about what to do, being that there is no chance of me getting any legal help before the deadline for the job application. What I have done is written to the...
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    Can anyone give advice

    Thanks for all your help. Joan
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    Can anyone give advice

    Hi gang, As some of you know I have always had problems with my boss at the Charity I work for, this has been ongoing for nearly two years as you know I cut toe nails of the elderly. Well this week myself and the other girl I work with were summoned to a meeting with all the big bosses that...
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    calgel/biosculpture bad?!

    Well that has me a little confused as there is a posh looking salon in Hindley that is a Jessica Gold Salon but they do nail enhancements. Joan
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    The ULTIMATE nail quiz!!

    I hope you would remember to get the clients signature prior to each treatment commencing.
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    The ULTIMATE nail quiz!!

    MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet All relevant information regarding the make up of the product, plus safety information, storage information etc, you should have one for each and every product. Joan Q When would you complete your client consultation form and why and what is the most important...
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    The ULTIMATE nail quiz!!

    Contra Indication is a reason why a service should not be carried out. Contra Action is a reaction to a treatment that has been given. Q when performing a manicure on an elderly client with arthritis in the hands, which would be the best luxury treatment to give and why?
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    problems with mask steaming up my glasses.

    Do your masks have the internal piece of bendy metal over the nose, if it does just bend it to fit the top of your nose perfectly, I use these every day, and have no probs with my glasses steaming up. Joan
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    Talks of another fuel blockade

    Monday the 19th is the buy no fuel day just had an email come in.
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    Lest We Forget

    My Poppy was worn with pride as it is every year. Both Mum and Dad used to attend the Rememberance Day Parade every year, for them I will continue to do the same. Joan