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    I have a tattoo and am after a new one on my foot. I feel like awfully done tattoos offend my eyes no matter what the job/setting but I would never feel that was a representation of that person or there work. I think a person should be able to artistically express there selves be it clothes...
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    Some people are so touchy

    I love this! I also think it's hard to tell how your saying things when it's just by text/messages etc. Things can be taken in so many ways. Many times my partners thought I was annoyed or sarcastic when I honestly wasn't.
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    A&E for tooth pain and abscess

    I had this last year with neuralgia pain. My god I honestly couldn't breathe or open my eyes when it had surges of pain. I phoned 111 and was told my area doesn't have any emergency dentists and also was told a&e do not deal with teeth at all. I ended up waiting a weekend in horrendous pain and...
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    Pet hair

    I don't personally agree with it as a lot of people will accidentally harm there dogs by using harmful chemicals not meant for dogs. But I have a westie who walks around like a big tart when he's groomed, so there's every chance the dogs will actually like it (if it's done properly). With the...
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    Anyone had a 24 hour ECG?

    Heya, I've had quite a few different lengths of ECGs and honestly it is absolutely nothing to worry about. I went shopping, cooked etc. It doesn't make any noise at all and you can only see the pads on your chest if you have a slightly low top. They'll give you a form/diary to fill in when you...
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    Learning to sew

    I am in the same situation wanting to sew. I got a sewing machine for Christmas 2 years ago but still not really got to grips with it. I've had a friend and my nan show me and both have said my machine is quite awkward and over complicated to use. My nans got a ancient singer with the sewing...
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    How to get rid of things?

    I had this problem having just moved. We had to put our stuff in storage (well family's houses) for two weeks and it's amazing how we lived out of a suitcase for that long. But you survive, then eventually unboxing I was amazed at how much toot I've got. In the end I've given a lot to charity...
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    Who knows their mattresses?

    It is true that it's very much personal choice. When I looked I found memory foam was too hot for me and I also move around a lot so i chose a latex pocket sprung sealy bed. The softer the better lol. We were going to get a second hand frame but when you buy the mattress at the big shops the...
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    We've had Netflix for about a while now, only meaning to have it for the trial. I find we have a love hate relationship but can't do without it lol. It's true movies are minimal for me on there, but documentaries and programmes I love. I did have and preferred my by post rental but those shut...
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    Politics-I don't understand

    From what my friend said about Facebook and what I've seen on the news I think the reason people are petitioning is because conservative have won with a suspiciously large amount of votes. And yet a lot of people say in those particular areas that conservative have got a seat, the people didn't...
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    What are your hobbies?

    I've made cards for years and I started to get into jewellery making and wanted to venture into wedding jewellery. I've also done quite abit of furniture restoration which I'm going to do again when I finally sell and move. I was also trying to teach myself how to sew on my machine and make...
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    What is it about your man that makes you know he's the right one for you?

    I remember a moment about 2 weeks in (nearly 11 years ago) laying in bed cuddling my fiancé and I had this feeling of, if I let myself, this guy is the one and we'll be together forever. I just knew it. Even on our first date I knew this is it and I'd never had that before. All these years...
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    What colour do you see?

    I see blue and black lace but I honestly couldn't understand why my fiancé saw creamy white and goody brown trim 😧
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    How many Valentines have you been together?

    We've been together for 10 but neither of us are really bothered by valentines. What we do is do cards (even if there just paper handmade ones with nice words), a takeaway and get each other a cheap bluray each. That to me is something that we're both into and can have a movie night with. We did...
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    Anybody know about Ebay?

    I found the same thing, you find a link or something that looks like it'd be helpful and it just takes you round and round without helping at all. In the end I did one of those live chats with eBay and she walked me through the whole thing and told me my rights etc. also everything will be...