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  • OmG! You Haven't hehehehehe Don't know what else to sya but thanks that has made me chuckle xoxoxo :hug:
    Hello Picchi

    Thanks very much for the reply, I'll try this tonight and also have a look at the youtube clip :hug:

    Ahh so you got your kitten...saw the pic...very sweet :Love:

    Hope you have a fab weekend with your friends :hug:

    Take care
    Hey there sweetie. I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. We have friends in town and we brought a new kitten home:Love::Love::Love:.
    For my thumb.... If I am using a stamp that I can add a little bit onto with out it looking to funky; I stamp very close to the side wall on one side, which leaves a gap on the other side. Then I paint a line of polish onto a side of the plate that will match my up to the stamp already on my thumb the best. And I then try to position in perfectly in the gap. Honestly it does not always work out but sometimes it does.
    What I mostly try to do though is simply stamp my thumb dead center. That way there is a little 2 mm gap on either side and it really is not that noticeable but obviously it does depend on the size of the nail bed.
    There is a great video on you tube by BeautyByMoi on this.
    Lol!!! It's bad enough being addicted to this site... Now you've a new addiction ;)
    For flips sake Michelle, I thought I had a new stalker :lol: ... I accepted you and I've been wracking my brains wondering who you were since ha ha ha... lovely to put a face to the name... thanks a mill for the add :)
    Ahhh...sorry! I need to do albums, dont have anything on here! Will try and add some photos :)
    Thanks for the compliment though! I do like marbelling :)
    Bless you - LOOK how pi55ed off Roland looks. I saw them twice in the 80's once in the 90's and twice in the Naughties lol... love em to this day!! xx
    When you do the matt shiney design, go a bit thicker on the top coat, so you can afford to buff it and not buff the top coat off. :)
    I know.. they're something else aren't they?... Della is brilliant, I was really amazed by those!
    I love that Minx design, so thought I'd take my inspiration from it and copy the design using Shellac.. cool eh? :)
    Thank you for the rep! I have answered re the bead update in the Shellac lovers group.
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