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  • Hi!! Im new here.. I just purchased the lechat gel powder system. I used it for thr first time this weekend. I was wondering the strength and durability of the product when used over tips? Most to my client wear acrylic liquid and powder so im trying do a different method but will only be sucessful if it is as strong as that. Any feedback will be appreciated! thanks
    you should have no difficulties. its designed to cure in any 9 watt or above lamp. i personally use a 36 w tunnel lamp. because its only in the lamp a short time there is no significant overcuring. try it out on yourself first to reassure.
    Thanks a mill for the nice comment you made on my picture, it's funny cause that client had the hardest nails to do.. they were so thin and would tear when I filed them... I wasn't happy with how they turned out and I can't believe how many people like them :hug:
    all gel shrinks. its a characteristic that it has due to the way it bonds. when you apply gel and cure it its kind of like a shrink wrapping process that it goes through to become one with the nail.
    you just need to plan for this event when you apply. thats why we work in the base layer really well and why we bring the gel over the end of the nail, to allow for the shrinkage.
    soak off colours shrink a tiny bit more than file off colours do and the darker the colour the more it seems to shrink. but as long as you are expecting it and take it into consideration, it need not be a problem. when applying colour i never do more than 2 nails before i pop them into the lamp for a freeze cure before it has a chance to shrink back from the edges.
    i shouldnt think you over wiped, if the gel was cured it wouldnt have come off.

    it could be that after you did the filing to the base layers, when you cleansed, the spray may not have been fully dry round the edges in the folds and cuticle area and would have prevented the top gel from taking properly.
    yes, i have. and if i'm 100% honest , i dont really care for it !
    i always think it makes the nails look kind of cloudy, but thats just my opinion.its a verry subtle effect, nothing too dazzling. i think the mirano/reflections are prettier myself.
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