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  • Hi, You replied to my msg about your lamp.
    But I think we might have our wires crossed?!
    You said you use a helix lamp, but I was asking about the led lamp you use to cure the gelfx, not your desk lamp.
    You responded to my gelac for sale I would be happy to take £100 and post to you for free, I have been in a car accident and lost touch with a few things so please let me know if you would still like them
    hiya sorry if you do want the heater can you email me instead as i dont check this very often its:

    Hiya, sorry the stones sold on ebay last night but i still have the heater, i would sell for £50 plus £15 for postage. x
    Hiya yes i would be able to post but postage is £20 due to the size and weight of the item. Please let me know if this is ok as i have the item on ebay as well.


    Hiya do you know how much post and package would be to northampton huni could you also send me a picy x
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