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  • Thanks Chooch - I'm guessing you mean the waxing? I loved it! Now practicing on my neighbour - brilliant! x
    Hiya huni, hows you? Hope you had a great Christmas,
    Hun do you know If go glow & passion Gelish are similar after some pinkies xx
    hi, could you tell me where you got your gadget for displaying nail colours im mobile so dont want individual pop sticks, thanks kim x
    Hello huni hows you? what was the name of the place you got a gelish from,My mummy teld all the family hahaha praps I should have to it in a SHOUT hahaha, did you do ya client? I got 2 nxt week now got that interview Monday. hows the painting going, xx
    Hey my diy chick, hows you? it was lovely to chat earlier,I did my client checkout me pics, hope you will be able to go to the show without working there we have the day there,thats if you want to go with meeeee :-( hehehe
    missya xx
    P.S huni would you charge your in laws nails, pedicures etc ? xx

    Huni would you see if you could find me anymre of them pamper parties next time you on there please chick, xx
    Hello First of all I miss you to heaps as it goes
    Wow was is this gelish hun is it a brush on gel, like polish etc do you need to do it like gel, but the edge etc etc, and as for the minx well done you, oh go for the advertising im getting my bum bum into gear got to huni are you working at the show this year, xx
    hiya huni,
    Glad it going well for you? I didnt know you did minx, did you use the minx or rebel is that it hahahaha...
    Well salon, hmmmmm i beta tell you about it when we speak,dont really want to put it on here hun, to much to go into...
    Are you going to the Beauty show, or you working....
    ya bussiness is picking up then I hope,
    had my first upper lip waxing today got I was proud of myself,didnt show her I was nervous hehehe..she was very happy pleased with her eyebrows to,xx
    I have my nephews here this week as well as Farid so it's been pretty hectic for me......... need a holiday!!!!!! When he goes back to tutoring I promise I will call for a good old catch up.
    Just read your post about clients today - bummer huni.
    You said in one of your txts about being taken for a mug at the new place, wot's up there then chick?
    Hellloooooo hunibun hows you hows it going? aaaah thank you so much for the n mums ive just looked at my email,going to be apain chick next time you on comp would you please see if any more got to get bum into gear now,tell you about work when we chat miss ya xxx
    Hello huni, what do you mean the lady,?? Hows you then, had client this morning, do you know about dashing diva then? did my facial course yest god it was sooooo hard,hope i pass doubt it tho, wotcha up to then, you got any clients,xx
    God thats scarey, I was just going into my friends, to get ya details up to say Hiya hows you stranger xx
    hey there chickilala hehehe hows you, me getting older it my birfday sooooon me old lady,
    so then huni when do you want to meet,what do you fancy doing then xxx
    Hello huni I'm soo sorry to hear about your car you will get there, huni what is eyeslicing? The lady at work wants to do eye extension maybe you should think of threading huni shes sooo popular with that babe xx
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