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    Eyebrow wax nightmare

    That would be my comment too. I once did this to a friend, I think I was just chatting too much and didn't realise I had't been stretching the skin enough until someone suggested that - very easily done, but rest assured you won't be doing it again if it was that eh? ;)
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    Gelish Thank You Party-2013?

    Yep, got a +1 too as I'm coming over 2 hours away..... can't wait!! We're staying over too so I can have a couple of little drinkies hic! Got some new shoes, have an evening dress for a ball I'm at on Friday so may wear that again or have a cocktail dress - decisions decisions........ then...
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    Gelish Thank You Party-2013?

    Yay! Book to stay if you can, it should be a really good night x
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    Gelish Thank You Party-2013?

    Hello..... I'm going. Got my email today saying i'd won a VIP ticket & worried the same, I won't know anyone! Are you staying over?
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    Dancing on Ice spray tans!

    I seem to remember reading it was Su-Do - I agree, a couple aren't looking that great though! Oops!
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    Glitter addicts are us

    Here are some rockstars - sandwiched in between a layer of sweet chocolate gelish and gelish TIO. Ths is bodypainting/stencilling glitter!
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    Lash extension alternative

    I would recommend Complete Lash - I have seen an incredible and fast growth in my lashes and used it for the same reason more or less. I actually pulled out a few of my own lashes in my impatience while removing cluster lashes and was desperate to do something about the gaps and how...
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    Spray tan help!

    Cloughers, what's the smell like?
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    Eyelash thickener?

    I have used Complete Lash after someone on here recommended it, and I have to say it is fantastic! Someone had shown a picture of thier lashes after using it and they were beautiful so I thought I'd give it a try - then found the price!!!!!!!!!! It's around £70-80 a bottle but it will last...
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    looking forward toy our review of removing gelish with the new CND remover - hope it goes well! x

    looking forward toy our review of removing gelish with the new CND remover - hope it goes well! x
  11. shortie nails before......

    shortie nails before......

  12. some pretty crystal

    some pretty crystal

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    Comment by 'Perls Beauty' in media 'Black Shadow & Good Gossip'

    Hi cyn-kd, just regular foundation, 2 coats of black shadow then 1 coat of good gossip and TIO to finish - it looks way better in reality too x