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  • hi perry hope you dont mind me messaging you, im after a bit of advise and would be very greatful if you could help me please.. here goes.. i ve got a lot of colour build up on my hair all done myself but with professional colours,, my hair is currently a 5 but i have a lot of red tone coming through as i have previously been a 4r (goldwell)... ive seen a colour that i love by majirel..7.13 this is my target shade.... ive just gone and bought the affinage eraser after reading lots about it.. im happy with going through the process but just not sure how to get my target shade after... my natural hair is between a 5 and a 6.. how do i get the shade i want after applying the affinage... please help ..thank you
    Well I bought it from professionchoice website, its lovely! I managed to keep it on for the full lifting time with minimal irritation :D i think i prefer white bleach a bit more because you can actually see how the colour is lifting underneath.
    heey thanks perry for replying to my q about ice creme bleach. ive just bought the apple one instead of mint so will try it soon and see if its the mintyness that made me sensitive because applying the toner was fine. ta :)
    Will call her now - your right there must be something else over the top ( sorry full of cold brain lol) x
    hey :) there is about an inch regrowth of a natural cool base 7, there is some warmth on the midlengths, they are about a 9, ends are about a 9-10 and quite ashy, shes been bleaching herself for around 2 years with boots own bleaching kit (dire but thankfully not the dreaded xxl lol) x
    Hi :) i wonder if you can give me a pointer on Affinage? I dont use it at college but have seen the coffee shop range and its beautiful! Im wanting to take a client from a base 9 full head bleach, not amazing condition with rather porous ends, to 5.036 and i wondered if you would recommend the regular infiniti with 10vol developer or satin tube with the satin activator? Hope you dont mind me picking your brains :)
    Yeah to be fair extension threads are getting boring now! Search and the answers have all been solved lol x
    Thanks for reply and advice......ive ordered 2 boxes, looking forward to giving it ago. xXx
    Glad the colour/skin test worked out well yesterday.
    It's always a tricky one when it's a friend.
    I was a bit surprised by your post as I know how careful you are but it's easy to miss a test. Have a great week-end...
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