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Peter Pan
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  • Hi! I read on someone's post that you had a tutorial on how to add the little pictures to nails?? But I can't seem to find it on here! :)
    I can't complain, life's good, apart from the house sale (or lack thereof!)
    Sounds like you're going to be busy, what took you to Scotland? xxx
    im in irvine about 25-30 mins max from ayr , not far. a geek meet would be good lol so are u going to be working in aur? ive just started up a new beauty room last week in irvine was in troon before that but im from irvine so makes sense to be in my own town xx
    Oh ... Big changes Glynnis! Exciting! Sending all my best wishes for a happy future in Ayr. X x
    Hiya Glynis its me Kelly in Stockton - Dont suppose u do the new gel nail polish treatment? How you doing? hows the family?
    Great, where's the job, doing what? (still within nails I'm guessing?) I had a break from nails due to some personal and financial issues but am now trying to get back to it - not going to be easy but going to give it my all and see... How's the family etc? x
    Awww I haven't been called flower in a long time :hug:
    I'm good, lost my nail mojo for a bit, but got some training and picked it up again,

    Is your new job doing nails, or have you changed direction?
    Hi glynis, nice to hear from you. I hope all is well with you. We must catch up on everything. We are fine n dandy here. Just got back from a great family visit in the USA for 4 weeks. I should be OK!!! Lol. What's your status quo at the moment? XXX
    hi, my name is dianna and i need help trying to put a picture under acrylic nails. can you help me?
    thanks in advance,
    Hi Glynis, Wow have you had a head shead & I thought mine was bad!!! Anyway... Yes i went on the marvel Lash course in the end and yes im having a nightmare getting my practice in, coz they take about 2-3 hrs and having my 11 yr old permanatly attached to me im finding it tough going... But im doing for 2 weeks and wont be back till end og Aug, But i would have love a trash your lashes for you!!lol but sadly i can even fit a hair grip between appointments... and that together with the Tall Ships blocking off 1/2 of Hartlepool/Billingham I have to get up at the crack of dawn just to get in work....and then hope clients can get to me.... So sadly....
    Ill see how/if things calm down when i get back and let you know.
    Sorry to hear about all your mad stuff. But as for you family addition....I still cant stop laughing atthe thought of our David being a 'Grandad'. (still not speaking)
    Hope your gargen ends up rosy as hell with your self-built picket fence!!! caz you deserve it.
    Catch up soon
    Carole (Foundations Beauty) x
    Hi Glynis, Yes I don't come on here too often any more. Funny whenever I hear the name Peter Pan anywhere I think - Glynis!

    Hope you are well and that business is still booming. I'm still loving being a nail tech and business has been good.
    I'll let you know when I've got half an hour and we can catch up, we're busy this week, Sophie's flying over for a few days so I won't be about much x
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