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  • Not bad! Im okay, bought a new car today and have recently started at a salon, so funds are low at the mo!! My hubby finishes his national service in July and I wanted to come out for a break and come home together, but we will be moving house around that time so its highly unlikely!! How are you and hows the biz? x
    Hi Lisa, How is it going in Kibris? Sorry I didn't get to see you over the summer! The time went so quickly! Have you settled in to your salon?

    Brownies honour I'll pop over next time Im there x
    Take care
    Zarra x
    Those people get on my nerves waiting for bloody Lulubell, they don't even know if she can paint a nail...so I thought I'd drum you up a bit of business!!! You don't go on there saying you can do every treatment under the sun and at a cheaper price than everyone else so thats why I've been biggin you up...hope you don't mind!! x
    Hi, I see your off to Kibris, Im moving out there a little later in the year, to East Girne, its always nice to know other techs!! Are you setting up a salon or working in one?
    have a great time!.. its HOT HOT HOT! i live in southern cyprus, but northern is beautiful and soooo cheap! have fun! tori x
    Glad you have some use out of them.

    Good to hear your nice and busy.

    Did you manage to clean them up ok?

    Thanks for the rep. Appreciate it.

    Hi - don't worry about it - glad they came in to some good use - I'v chucked out loads over the years.
    Ok they have gone off today - me hubby posted them - hope they get there quickly.
    Yeh scrubfresh would be fine on the metallic pots but the black bio pots might need some non acetone (will go scarmy looking) will send them off to you.

    Hello - ok I have been meaning to clean the pots all week and keep either forgetting or didnt have time. Is it ok to send you them as they are? otherwise you could have had them days ago.

    sorry for the delay.

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