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  • Wow, love your work! Great job on your website. It truly gives a sense of you. I'm a fan.
    Hi there, I'm hoping you can help me. I soooo desperately want to order some of the Layla Holographic polishes and saw from your posts that BryT sell them in the UK. I've had a look at her site and already have 4 in my basket! What i was hoping you could help me with though is base and top coat? Bryt has a 'Brilliant' topcoat which says its designed specifically for Layla, but there's no base. You, however seem to use Nfu-Oh Aqua Base, but I couldn't see what top you use? Do you know where I can buy Nfu-Oh polishes here in the UK? And, final question (sorry!) Do you apply the Layla like standard polish? I have been doing Shellac for so long now I've forgotten how to apply any other polish which doesn't need curing! Thank you so much and again, apologies for all the questions! xx
    Picchi, your latest photos are just amazing. I am always just awe struck by your work. It is absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for the message :) I wouldn't dip my nails in honey even without the fuzzy nails ;)
    I'm glad to hear they dried well, I bought some flock glitter powders from hobbycraft this afternoon and am going to have a play this evening, you've inspired a lot of us today I think :)
    Hello Picchi

    How do you manage to stamp a whole thumb nail if the image isn't big enough to cover the whole area?

    Hi Picchi.
    Sorry to bother you.
    I am just looking at getting some of the large flat plates. I'm sure I saw that you had them.

    Were they Bundle Monster plates & where are the best place to get the genuine ones?
    Many thanks. It's from looking at your work that has got me interested.
    Stunning, all of them.x
    Picchi I Love your stamping! how do you get your designs to transfer so perfect? any tips? for some reason mine are not transferring completely they break in some parts and that’s frustrating.. Also how do you do your glitter fade? It looks amassing!
    Thanks for the comment about the stamping, you should have seen me working on the thumbs, I separated the stamp up by cleaning the polish off so I could extend the stamp over the nail. Phew!

    P.S. Still making me jealous with your nails, what I'd give to have half the length of yours! x
    Hi Picchi, I just wanted to say thankyou so much for your lovely comments about my glitter disk nails. I have only just seen it as I don't get notifications on my phone. I really appreciate it. Your Konad nails are amazing!! something I haven't quite mastered yet xx
    Hi Picchi, just wanted to thankyou for your lovely picture comments.Your work is amazing you inspired me to get my stamping kit out of the draw and im so glad i did so thankyou !!
    The pattern used on the blue and silver nails is from the Dashica plate A xx
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