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  • Hey thank you for your comment .... those were just put in.... I hadn't even curled or styled them at all ....
    I will have to post a nice styled picture sometime x lol
    OH Wow Pickles It been colder than a witches tiddy :smack: :lol::lol: lol x x
    I have a slow thyroid at the moment and I get sleepy :zzz: or cant sleep at all and I cant bear the cold brrrr , its freezing frosty out here
    I don't eat much but dont lose any weight ,and then it suddenly goes fast again and sweat like a piggy and my heart races and I lose loads of weight , but ..... I feel better when it goes a bit slower though lol ,anyway enough of me I bet your sorry you asked now :lol::lol: so please tell me more about you and what you been doin ? then I wont feel to guilty for all that moanin :lol:
    Hey hiya pickles , not too bad :) I hope your hands are getting better now :hug: x minky
    Hi pickles. I haven't spoken to you for ages..... where have you been ? :hug: .... Christmas was quite a lively time all the kids came home which was lovely but hard work lol :lol: you know what I mean.... all the preparation and getting all the rooms cleaned and bedding clean and ready for them lol x then we all got that flippin tummy bug :cry: .... how are you and how was your Christmas :hug: x ?
    Hi Pickles

    I am doing essential nails gel course at the moment but to be honest prefer something a bit more stronger on my own nails after having acrylics for years. Have bought a sample of acrygel which I have used on my own nails am very impressed - it came with a DVD so explained how to apply infill etc but not quite sure how I would take these off if needed - do they soak off or file off please?


    Hi pickles, nice to hear from you ,
    I haven't been online too much lately either ,
    it,s lovely to hear from you,
    hope things are going well with you too,:hug:
    my Mom is still having treatment but she is sort of ok,
    xxx minky :hug: :hug:
    ooooh ages well over 20 odd years , so I try to pass on my skills now lol x xxx Ahh well pickles its time for my sleepy byes now zzzzzz so I shall bid you goodnight , hope to chat soon xx minky x
    Oh it must be different then over there , I have trained to train and assess students at NVQ level 2 and 3 and I sometimes do it voluantry to keep up my skills :hug: xx
    Gosh if you were nearer me I could have trained you for free lol x
    we often trade swap on here , do you ever do that over there ?
    Im doin ok , I have two sets of hair extensions this week so Im a happy bunny , have just had to re new my insurance though so out the money goes again lol x xxxx
    Hi pickles , how you doin ? are you back at work now and settled ? or are you going to take the plunge to a home salon xxx minky
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