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  • Flipping eck Nige , did strand test with 10/36 Illumina today on P/l hair ( thank god for strand tests) lol. It was really violet !!!!!! (gulp) lol x
    hi ya you are the god of wella ! , lol looking forward to reading more from you i am just switching from matrix to wella and will be doing some classes later this year x
    Hey there,
    I have a random question for you.
    I was wondering if you have ever used Schwartzkopf and if you have would you consider using it over Wella? I am currently using Redken color and it is just not covering gray like I need it to. I have used both Wella and Schwartzkopf in the past and I just don't know which to switch to. I would love to meet someone who has used both recently enough to give me some idea on which they prefer and why.
    Some of my friends use Wella and they love it. They say it's a great shine and great coverage. In my experience with Wella it seems to be pretty warm...even the ash colors, but in my experience with Schwartzkopf it is so opaque that it almost seems dull or too flat. Any chance you could give me your opinion?
    hi there, hope you don't mind the friends request! your posts about wella have been a great help xxx
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