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  • Hi Sara...just read a thread talking about cruise ships...and thought of you!!
    Hope it is all going great and you are doing well :hug;
    hey Sarah, Im great thanks! lucky you sounds like your havin a great time. I would have loved to do that! take care and enjoy!!!
    sailing round NZ you lucky thing !!! what a blast I bet you are having xx is the work long hours and do you get to enjoy the ships entertainment??? yes training is going fine really enjoying it xx take care and drop me a bell at the next port lol xx
    OMG!! I was just talking about you yesterday and wondering how you were getting on!!
    Sounds fabulous, is that you fully trained for a life on the ocean wave then?
    My holiday was cool, I was cold for a week and ended up with the flu!! Great to be back in Britain haha!! It feels weird saying that I was back in the UK for a holiday though!! I can't believe I dont live there anymore!! Doha is cool thanks hun! Let me know if you are ever passing by lol!!
    So when do you think you will be on a ship then hun? Im sure oyu passed your training with flying colours!! xx
    Hey hun! I thought you left on the 1st of December??? Have you been doing training? Where are oyu going first hun?
    Im ok, just got back to Doha, been in the UK on holiday, I got back here on Friday!
    How are you hun?

    Hi hun,

    Congrats on your cruise ship job. I bet you have the time of your life!
    Wowzers hun!!! Well good luck to you!!! Enjoy every seond of it and keep in touch!!! send me your email address by PM hun so I have it!!!!! xxx
    o0h wow sarah xx great news !! it will be the best time of your life xx enjoy and make the most of it xx will we see u at excel or will you still be away xx
    Sorry if I seem nosey, but I saw your news on Tilly Ann's profile page...and I just have to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I know it will be a wrench for you, but if I were your age (I WISH!!) I would love the opportunity to work on a Cruise ship. ALL THE BEST :hug:...Oh! and keep competing!!
    Crikey!! Its all go for you isnt it?!??!
    Thats great news hun, congratulations!!! When do you leave ?!??!?!!

    well done you I knew you'd do great .. bet there was a few tierd eyes at leeds xx bless em they worked sooo hard !
    great news about the interview xx hope it goes ok are you still doing your brisa qd next week?
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