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  • Sarah - It was good to see you at the weekend and well done on your comp results! As Izzy says, Ant better watch out! xxx
    WOW Sarah...I had internet problems over the weekend and did not see any results. What brilliant placings for you, you must be over the moon ( bet your mum is too!).
    Anthony better watch out next year!!! ;)
    sarah !! well done on your places in dublin, great results ... hope all goes the same this weekend hunny xx
    Are you sure you are doing your CND Brisa class with the official CND distributors?? My guess is no. If dong the class in Glasgow, you will not get a CND certificate. All the official CND distributors will be at the EVENT in Manchester and not running classes on that day. Be careful!! There are some baddies about who claim to be CND but in fact who are not., the ONLY official dist in Scotland is Fiona Wallace at if you want to contact her and check. xx don't want you to get DONE.
    Hey chick!!!
    Oh yes I am still loving it!!!!! Very good move for me!!
    How are you hunnio? Done your Brisa yet hun? How is your little neice getting on? Say hello to everyone for me chicken xxx
    Hi Honey

    Thank you for looking at my pics the salon is in Grangemouth. I have just had a wee look at your pics and love your work well done keep it up

    hope you feel better soon xx and well done on getting your step by step done .. I love that bit x
    just got them from my local craft shop .. yep hobby craft should have them, careful as some of the darker colours (or cheaper leaves! can bleed a little) give a good/simple effect xx
    hoilday was cool ta xx we are staying at the travelodge across the road, I'm traveling over with a couple of girls form lincolnshire, there is a few staying at this hotel and a few staying over at the tulip inn, good news about your QD for brisa you'll do fine in it xx
    don't think I'll get time for the photo comp tbh was going to send one in and have my model ready, but Its not far away now and I think I have a bit much on over the next few weeks!( catching up after having 2 weeks off!) I think there a few coming down from scotland for the event check the threads out xx have you done any more training days lately?
    hey Sarah how's you doing? no not going to gm ex this year going to the s2 event instead, are you competing?
    no i will next year tho definitly i will send a photo in for the comp tho,
    it feels like it has been ages doesn't i'm getting withdrawel symptoms lol
    ah,thanks hun.i use nsi products aswell so i'll have to get some of that cracked ice do you know what colour it was?x
    Hi are you :) I popped in to see Lorraine and Michelle a while ago and they said you were doing great!!
    good luck petal i can't make it this weekend but i have entered a photo let me know how you get on xxx
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